Seizure of Iranian-operated supertanker, implementing 'snapback mechanism' violation of JCPOA

TEHRAN, Jul. 10 (MNA) – Iranian Foreign Ministry named UK’s seizure of Iranian-operated super tanker in Gibraltar and Europeans' discussed option for implementation of the so-called 'snapback' mechanism as violation of their commitments to JCPOA.

Making the remarks on the sidelines of Cabinet meeting, Mohammad Javad Zarif also added that the 'snapback' mechanism, to renew United Nations sanctions, cannot become operational since according to section 26 of JCPOA, this is violation of the nuclear deal.

“Iran has utilized compensatory mechanisms defined in the JCPOA, i.e. section 26,” he said, “Europeans have used the mechanism as an instrument and they know the snapback mechanism cannot become operational.”

He underlined that Iran will not accept to negotiate under pressure adding that all the pressures and the economic war against Iran must be removed before any talks.

He blamed Europeans for not being ready to pay to guarantee their security and named the US the main problem of the Europeans.

“We act upon our rights and the other side breaches JCPOA. The solution is halting economic terrorism against Iran. Then we can take necessary measures,” Zarif said.

About the seizure of the super tanker he went on to say that the tanker is not Iran’s property and had not been sailing under an Iranian flag, therefore, legal measures must be taken by its owners.

He called UK’s act a banditry adding that the act has been done under US demand to sanctions Iran’s oil exports and has nothing to do with Syria.

Addressing Iran’s further measures about scaling down its JCPOA obligations, the Iranian minister explained that Iran will decide about its future measures independently and based on its own interests.

Zarif also referred to his meeting with Emanuel Macron, which is to take place on Wednesday evening, emphasizing that Iran has fully implemented JCPOA.

Netanyahu has called on European signatories to the nuclear deal to impose "snapback sanctions" on Iran, which are the UN Security Council sanctions that were lifted under the nuclear deal.

Netanyahu has the gall to make such remarks while the Islamic Republic of Iran has fully lived up to all of its JCPOA commitments and exercised responsible and strategic patience, Iranian officials say.

It was the Americans who abandoned the JCPOA, and the Europeans, while they did not leave the accord, practically did nothing else, Iranians add, The Islamic Republic of Iran has complied with its commitments, and from now on, the level of our commitment to the JCPOA will match the level of commitment of other parties; this is the solid and acceptable logic of Iran.

On Sunday, Iran announced further reductions to JCPOA commitments as its 60-day deadline for the European signatories to the 2015 nuclear deal expired. In the second stage, Iran said it would increase the purity of its enriched uranium, no longer sticking to the 3.67% limit it had agreed to in the deal.

The measures are in response to the US’ withdrawal and Europe’s failure to comply with its own JCPOA commitments regarding Iran’s economic interests.

Meanwhile, President Rouhani has stressed that the reductions to the JCPOA commitments can be reversed once the European signatories to the deal live up to their commitments.

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