Gaza War aftershocks for Zionist Regime

TEHRAN, Dec. 02 (MNA) – The two-day Gaza war aftershocks are still there for the Zionist regime. This has now become a political challenge for the Zionists.

This situation indicates that what happened in Gaza, was of great importance. Salman Razavi, an expert on Palestine and Zionist issues, while pointing to the resignation of Lieberman, the Zionist regime's secretary, speaks of the possibility of Netanyahu's cabinet collapse and says:

There are currently several cases for Netanyahu and his wife, known as the 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, and 4,000 cases, and police have already had several inspections to them, but first their political immunity should be removed so that there can be an official trial. Netanyahu's accusations are such that, if known guilty, he has to spend several years of his life behind the closed bars, just like the former Israeli Prime Minister, Olmert.

One of the problems with the current Israeli political system is that, on the one hand, the leaders of the parties and politicians of the Zionist regime are tired of Netanyahu's policies and decisions, and are willing to replace him with another official, and on the other hand, the structure of the government is such that it doesn't simply let them to realize their wish!

Netanyahu is basically opposed to any peace process and real reconciliation. Abu Mazen, who according to many analysts is a person that can easily agree on the compromise, has never been able to negotiate with Netanyahu. As a result, the PA and the compromise process have always faced a deadlock during Netanyahu's time.

Another problem with Netanyahu is the mistrust of foreign leaders and personalities. Netanyahu's ignorance of the commitments made between the Zionist Regime and the Palestinians, as well as violations of international law with, has made other countries' leaders, such as the former US President Barack Obama, not to have a positive relation with him. Even in a simple review, one can highlight the ups and downs of Trump with the Zionist Prime Minister. For example, in his recent speech, Trump raised the issue of a two-state solution that surprised Netanyahu and his entourage.

Now the recent operation in Gaza was considered both political and military defeat for the Zionist regime. On the one hand, the operation of kidnapping Sheikh Nur Baraka in Khan Younis was followed by the death of a senior Israeli commander and the wounding of other members of the terrorist team. On the other hand, the political consequence of this operation was the resignation of the two ministers and the escalation of disputes within the Zionist regime government.

 In this framework, Netanyahu stated that instead of fighting inside the cabinet, the Occupying regime of Quds should face the presence of Iran in the region. Lieberman's remarks are also interesting. No one can overthrow Hamas by force. These statements underscore the political and military defeat of Israel and the serious internal disagreements existing within the cabinet.

Two members of the cabinet, Lieberman who is also the leader of Yisrael Beiteinu, and the minister of defense of the Zionist regime, resigned. The reason for Lieberman's resignation should be taken into consideration; he believed that The Israeli authorities should not abandon the operation after two days, but that there should be a serious war against the Palestinians, but Netanyahu and others believed that they could not do it in the current situation.

The truth is the Israelis didn't take the attack on the Gaza Strip seriously, and they always stated that the northern front was the real battleground and the main problem, not the southern front or Gaza Strip, but this time they felt that the situation was different.

The fact is that the status of resistance in the region has improved. Palestinian militant groups based in the Gaza Strip can, in their time, also act as aggressive forces, and this is what they showed in the operation.

Under such circumstances, it's unlikely that Netanyahu can continue as the prime minister of the Zionist regime for a long time. Regarding the resignation of the two ministers, Netanyahu's coalition cabinet can't last with only 61 seats (out of 120 seats in the Knesset). By the loss of one single seat the cabinet will collapse.

 Now that the Yisrael Beiteinu has stopped to support Netanyahu, other Israeli parties, especially religious ones, pursue their demands from Netanyahu with more courage. Netanyahu will therefore be more vulnerable. Meanwhile, the Israeli prime minister seeks to ensure that early elections are not held there.

 Because the consequences of the failure in the Gaza Strip will probably lead to the defeat of the Likud Party, which is to Netanyahu's loss. That's why they do not want early elections. But it seems to me that this will happen. It is quite likely that the early elections would be held before the next December, which will result in the desolation of Netanyahu's cabinet by %99.


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