Relation between Ahvaz terrorist attack and the White House

TEHRAN, Oct. 08 (MNA) – The martyrdom of some of our compatriots in the Ahvaz terrorist attack hurt the hearts of all Iranians. The crimes committed by the United States, its western allies, and its Arab pieces in Ahvaz can be analyzed from different dimensions. What's important in this regard is "finding the origin of this attack," and putting together the puzzle pieces that are set by the United States of America.

Although the US government is trying to convince others that the American authorities are basically innocent in Ahvaz terrorist attack, the role of Trump's government in the incident is so highlighted that even his closest companions like John Bolton and Mike Pompeo aren't able to justify it. There is no distinction between producing terrorism (the US and its allies), and field terrorism (operational groups affiliated with the West and the Zionist regime). The United States seeks to encourage individuals to distinguish between supporters and the elements which are involved in the emergence of terrorism.

However, a comprehensive look at terrorist attacks will prevent this distinction. In finding the relationship between the field terrorism and producing terrorism, we should note that the origin and the function of the two are the same. In other words, we are faced with a single network headed by the United States, and the body consists of those terrorist groups.

Another point that should be taken into consideration here is the specific efforts of the Trump government to support anti-Iranian terrorist groups (over the past two years). Rudy Giuliani, who is currently an attorney to Trump, and served as the former mayor of New York, is among the supporters of the Mujahedin terrorist group.

During a recent meeting in New York, Giuliani and some members of the Trump government have expressed support for members of this terrorist group. Obviously, the Ahvaz terrorist attack is the result of the secret (and at times open) lobbies of the White House and anti-Iranian terrorist groups. Trump and other US officials from both the Republican and Democrat parties are responsible for the operational, intellectual, financial and arsenal support of anti-Iranian groups which tried to make our country insecure for four decades and made every effort to create or establish a security crisis in Iran. Therefore, in focusing on the Ahvaz terrorist attack, we can't simply close our eyes on its origin, or consider it as marginal.

Here we're not faced with an "independent terrorist group", but with an "extensive and complex network" that interacts with the main directors (the United States, Britain, and the Zionist regime), the mediating leaders (Arab pieces) and the players (the members of the terrorist groups). There is a direct and deep connection between these three which calls for our close attention.

Obviously, our country's foreign ministry will play an important role in introducing this network, and in taking a tough political response against both its main and minor players. Of course, in this equation, the main players are of more importance. Undoubtedly, all those who were involved in the recent terrorist attack in Ahvaz will pay for it, and the Iranian security officials have emphasized this stance.


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