US, its regional puppets not seeking destruction of ISIL

TEHRAN, Jun. 20 (MNA) – Leader of Revolution has told visiting Iraqi PM Americans and their regional allies are not truly seeking destroying ISIL.

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei received Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Ebadi and his entourage on Tuesday evening where he hailed unity and cohesion among various political and religious groups in Iraq in their fight against ISIL and described popular group of Hashd al-Shaabi as a significant and delightful phenomenon which increases power and authority of Iraq. Highlighting the necessity of maintaining integrity of Iraq, he emphasized that “you should be vigilant vis-à-vis the Americans as they can never be trusted; the US and its followers are against independence, identity and unity of Iraq.”

Recounting advancement of ISIL terrorists near Baghdad in the past, the Leader said: “Now ISIL is escaping Iraq and this admirable situation is the result of unity and internal integrity of Iraq and correct policies of the Iraqi government which trusted faithful young cohort of the country who came to the battleground.”

He also referred to opposition of the United States and its followers to Hashd al-Shaabi popular group and deemed it a result of their malevolence towards authority of Iraq.

Leader of Islamic Revolution emphasized that Washington’s opposition to ISIL is not real and neither the US, nor their regional allies are truly seeking destruction and uprooting of ISIL. “Americans and their puppets in the region do not want to destroy ISIL because the terrorist group has been formed by their support and money and they prefer to keep a group of ISIL terrorists in Iraq to be under their control.”

“You should never trust the United States as they are waiting for the moment to hit Iraq;” he said describing that the moment is when discord and disunity occurs in Iraq. “This chance must not be given to the Americans and their troops must not be allowed in Iraq for training or other excuses.”

Ayatollah Khamenei deemed progress of Iraqi forces to Syrian borders as a strategic and great move which must be maintained.

“As a neighboring country, the Islamic Republic of Iran is totally against the voices calling for referendum in Iraq for disintegrating part of Iraq and sees such voices as opponents of independence and identity of Iraq,” Ayatollah Khamenei highlighted. “With a rich history, civilization, culture and human resources, Iraq must remain united and such a country deserves standing on its own feet and strongly fighting against those seeking to strike Iraq.”

In conclusion, Leader of Revolution expressed hope that the Iraqi government will overcome challenges and called for thorough empowerment of the government and also stressed expansion of bilateral relations between the two countries as much as possible.

Iraqi PM Haidar al-Ebadi who was accompanied by a delegation of high-ranking Iraqi officials and Iranian First VP Ishaq Jahangiri, for his turn, hailed supports by the Islamic Republic of Iran in the fight against ISIL and described the goal of his visit as seeking to boost bilateral relations; “today, Iraq is united against ISIL and all political and religious groups agree on continuation of fight against ISIL until its uprooting.

He dubbed destruction of ISIL a possible objective and called for continuation of supports by Iran ‘during and after fight against ISIL which will be stage of stability, peace and reconstruction.’


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