Iraqi unity, solidarity now ‘subject of much envy’

TEHRAN, Aug. 09 (MNA) – Secretary of SNSC has said some countries in the region are reluctant to see the necessity that ISIL should be defeated.

Ali Shamkhani and Deputy Secretary General of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) Barham Salih met and discussed bilateral relations between Iran and Kurdistan Region and parties. Shamkhani believed that unity of different ethnic and partisan groups was a requisite for a healthy transience from current crisis and defeating terrorist groups; “Iraq’s strategic interests and regional position will only be realized when it resolves internal rifts and consolidates unity,” Mr. Shamkhani told Salih. “Damage by the crisis and Takfiri groups has hit the Sunni citizens the most; defeating ISIL requires a strong Iraq under the umbrella of which all groups come to unity which will be improved by defeat of ISIL in turn; for the very reason, some countries would balk at the idea of ultimate defeat of ISIL and would tacitly prefer ISIL problem to go unresolved,” he emphasized.

SNSC secretary believed that the security and solidarity now in Iraq is the result of religious authority, valiant military and public mobilization was the subject of much envy in the neighbors of Iraq; “they would only wish they had had such a security and coordination of different players on their countries,” Shamkhani told the meeting, indirectly pointing to Bahrain and Saudi Arabia especially where lack of internal solidarity had forced the government to take drastic measures.

“Mutual understanding and dialogue are the sole path to settle differences; “participation of all Iraqi factions and to thwart foreign conspiracies would strengthen internal capacity in making effective decisions in the way to tackle important economic and political issues,” he told Salih. “Iran welcomes working with the Region to improve economic and political ties in the framework of a strong Iraq; respecting and encouraging unity among Kurdish parties constitute an important foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran toward Iraq.”

Mr. Salih for his part expressed gratitude for the support provided by the Islamic Republic of Iran to Region and Iraq in fighting terrorism; “we highly evaluate relations with Iran as an important neighbor; effective addressing and uprooting hatred, instability, and wanton killings would only be possible by unremitting battle against terrorism,” said the PUK deputy-secretary. “We see the Islamic Republic of Iran as a strategic partner and appreciate Tehran’s role in supporting Iraqis in their fight against terrorism and restoring stability to their country,” he concluded.


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