Saudi's Zionist-like murder of Muslims surprising

TEHRAN, Jan. 07 (MNA) – Iran’ Shamkhani and Iraq’s al-Jaafari visited in Tehran on Wednesday and exchanged views on the latest developments of the region.  

Iraqis’ toil in fighting against terrorist is praise-worthy, said Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani in his Wednesday evening meeting with the visiting Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari in Tehran.

The senior Iranian official made the remark holding that the success achieved by Iraqi army and volunteer forces have made the extremists passive and the future bright.  

While the principal policy of the Islamic republic of Iran in the region is to support the will of nations in the region, regretfully, some countries are bombarding and murdering defenseless people of Yemen using foreign mercenaries like Blackwater and spreading insecurity in the region, lamented the SNSC secretary later.

Shamkhani condemned Saudi move in executing a cleric who advocated closeness of sects and regretted that the act was inspired by sectarian policies.

It is both surprising and unacceptable that a country of the Islamic world, in line with policies of the Zionist regime, is initiating death and destruction of Muslims and it is the negligence of inexperienced rulers of this kingdom that they are blind to the interests of Muslims and Islamic countries, lamented the Iranian official also referring to Saudi plots to wreck Iran-Sextet talks in Vienna.

Citing the comments of some westerners that the ISIL would keep living in Syria and Iraq for years, he held that ‘cross-regional countries are unable to comprehend the realities of the region and they had never thought that the will of Muslims of the region would foil all destabilizing and dividing plots.’

Though the ISIL is a destructive threat, the phenomenon has created opportunities of cooperation between the countries of the region to bolster cultural, political, economic, security, and strategic ties and develop relations, maintained the Iranian official and the special representative of the Leader in SNSC.

Shamkhani added that Iran and Iraq should develop strategic cooperation in all areas of politics, economy, culture, and security so that other countries of the region witness a perfect role model of stable security and growth.

Voicing gratitude for all the efforts made by the Islamic Republic of Iran for helps and supports in war against terrorism in all areas of politics, military, and security, the Iraqi foreign minister for his part urged for expansion and perseverance of talks till the end of crisis in the region.

Condemning Sheikh Nimr’s execution, Ibrahim al-Jaafari warned that sectarian divides are plots against Muslims and urged for unity of Muslims.

All Islamic countries have to prioritize war against Takfiri terrorists and have to implement their human and material competence in establishing peace and stability in terrorism-stricken areas, stated the visiting Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari.  




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