Syrian mosque Imam assassinated in Homs

TEHRAN, May 28 (MNA) – In the aftermath of crimes by terrorist groups Al-Nusra Front and FSA, a Homs mosque Imam has been assassinated.

Sheikh Ahmed al-Shoar was a Homs renowned figures who was assassinated for his mediation on the release of civil hostages in a northern al-Qusayr neighborhood.

Sources in the place had it that FSA and Al-Nusra Front terrorists had arrested and shot Sheikh al-Shoar after he asked them to issue the permission for release of hundreds of civilians under siege by Syrian government forces.

Terrorists had shot dead Sheikh Omar Biyasi in May 2 along with his wife and daughter exactly with the same method and for the same pretext in Al-Bayda village in Banyas, since he refused to issue Jihad decrees and to give mosque keys to the terrorists.

Ahmed al-Shoar, a renowned figure in Homs, was working to find details of the fates of kidnapped individuals and last June, he stated that Sheikh Huri Othman had confessed to him that more than 700 unknown corpses were buried in Tal al-Nasr cemetery, and that Sheikh Mean Tomah did so about 450 unknown corpses buried in Baba Omar cemetery. These corpses are among individuals kidnapped and killed by  Al-Nusra Front terrorists.

Many clerics, mosque Imams and scholars had been arrested and executed by Takfiri groups and Al-Nusra Front, a thing belying their being ever Muslim.


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