TEHRAN, March 6 (MNA) -- There are many unexplained details about the global HIV/AIDS pandemic, especially in regard to how AIDS spread so rapidly in Africa in the 1980s and ravaged the continent.

However, a meta-analysis of African AIDS studies by an international team of scientists led by Dr. David Gisselquist sheds some light on what happened to Africa. 


In three articles published in the International Journal of STD and AIDS in 2002 and 2003, the Gisselquist team said that more than half the cases of AIDS in Africa before 1988 were due to unsterilized syringes and other medical exposures to contaminated blood and only about 30 percent of cases, not the 90 percent claimed, were sexually transmitted.


Thus, the claim that the African AIDS epidemic is due to the irresponsibility and promiscuity of Africans is nothing but misinformation tinged with racism.


An article by Nigel Hawkes and Michael Dynes in the February 20, 2003 edition of The Times quoted Gisselquist as saying that epidemiology and propaganda had become intertwined.


The Times article included the following summary of the Gisselquist team’s findings, which were based on studies done by others, the implications of which, they say, were ignored:


“The spread of HIV did not follow the same pattern as sexually transmitted disease. In Zimbabwe in the 1990s, HIV infections increased by 12 per cent a year while STDs were declining by 25 per cent.”


“The spread of HIV was too fast to have been caused by sexual transmission. To explain the speed it would have to be as easy to catch HIV from sex as it is from a contaminated blood transfusion; in fact, it is much harder.”


“Behavior surveys show that sexual activity in Africa is not very different from Europe or North America. Some places with high levels of risky sexual behavior have low and stable rates of HIV.”


“Many young children are infected with HIV even when their mothers are not. In Kinshasa one study showed that the infected children had, on average, had 44 injections compared with 23 for uninfected children.”


“The countries where HIV has spread fastest are those, such as Zimbabwe and South Africa, where healthcare is quite developed.”


“Sexually transmitted diseases are usually commoner among the poor and uneducated, but HIV in Africa is linked to urban living, a good education and higher income.”


In an article entitled “Mounting anomalies in the epidemiology of HIV in Africa: Cry the beloved paradigm” (International Journal of STD and AIDS, Volume 14, pages 144-147, March 2003), authors Devon D. Brewer, Stuart Brody, Ernest Drucker, David Gisselquist, Stephen F. Minkin, John J. Potterat, Richard B. Rothenberg, and Francois Vachon wrote:


“Similarly, there are persistent reports of HIV in infants with seronegative mothers. A recent large survey from South Africa measured an HIV prevalence of 5.6% in children 2-14 years of age. Given mortality from HIV among children who acquire it in Africa, there would appear to be a substantial proportion of such a disease burden that is unexplained by maternal and sexual transmission.”


In the conclusion of the article, they wrote:  


“Finally, Africans deserve scientifically sound information on the epidemiologic determinants of their calamitous AIDS epidemic.”


A great tragedy has befallen Africa, made worse by the fact that it was preventable. 


In the 1980s, many clinics and vaccination programs in Africa were reusing syringes after briefly rinsing them.


The situation is better now, but in many places in the Third World, especially rural areas, syringes are still being reused.


So, where was the World Health Organization in the 1980s? And where is WHO now?


Why did WHO not provide enough syringes to the Third World in the 1980s when the AIDS pandemic exploded? And why are they still not doing so?


Is it complete incompetence? Is it indifference? Or is it lack of funding?


If it is incompetence or indifference, why are these WHO officials not sacked and replaced by competent, dedicated officials?


If it is lack of funding, why are funds not being provided by the richer members of the UN?


If it is a combination of these things, why is nobody doing anything to ameliorate this situation?


Is the life of a human being from the Global South less valuable than the life of a human being from the Global North?


And there are more questions.


Why do heroin addicts and other intravenous drug users in New York and Amsterdam have access to clean syringes through needle exchange programs while people in rural areas of Africa and other parts of the Third World do not?  


Is it racism? Is it a silent genocide program?


Does the mismanagement of the AIDS crisis in Africa provide further evidence that there is a world depopulation program targeting the people of the Global South? 


Astute observers have pointed out that most of the countries that have recently experienced famine, war, and high rates of HIV/AIDS are also the countries with the highest birth rates.     


Many people believe that HIV/AIDS was actually created by the U.S. biological weapons program to depopulate the Third World in order to facilitate the theft of the resources of the nations of the Global South. There is still no smoking gun, although one day there may be conclusive evidence proving this allegation.      


However, there is evidence of a policy of deliberate neglect of the HIV/AIDS crisis in the Global South.


In the 1960s, when it became infeasible to blatantly oppress Black citizens in the United States, certain racists in the U.S. government devised a secret plan of “deliberate neglect” of the Black community through underfunding of education, healthcare, housing, and employment programs.


Now a policy of deliberate neglect appears to be targeting the people of Africa and the rest of the Global South.


All people of conscience must do something about this situation. We must all say “no” to this policy of silent genocide.     





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