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Western media tries to frame pro-Palestine protesters racist

Western media tries to frame pro-Palestine protesters racist

TEHRAN, May 07 (MNA) – The Western media coverage tries to frame the pro-Palestine protesters in Western universities as violent and racist, a Canadian social activist told Mehr News Agency.

In recent days, American universities have witnessed a disturbing escalation in the suppression of student activism.

Students who have established encampments to demand a ceasefire in Gaza have faced a barrage of negative consequences, including being disparaged, expelled, suspended, physically assaulted, and arrested. Furthermore, some professors who have attempted to shield students from police violence on campuses have also been subjected to similar treatment.

Tyler Berglund, a social activist from Canada, answered the questions raised by Mehr News Agency regarding this matter.

There were pro-Palestine protests carried out by popular groups inside the US before, but they were not prevented from continuing their marches in support of Palestine. Why the US administration is responding to the protests held by the university students harshly?

The Universities are where the Israel lobby is most important. The youth is how they garner support for future generations of Western/American leaders, elites, and intellectuals. 

Although the students are protesting peacefully, why the US police are violently dealing with them? How can the US government justify this approach when it claims to be a defendant of human rights and freedom of speech?

The Western media coverage tries to frame the protesters as violent and racist. This is how they are attempting to justify the state violence against peaceful anti-genocide protesters.

If the protests in the US universities continue, how can they affect the US universities' policies regarding providing support to Israel?

I’m sure some Universities will divest, but most likely relationships and investments are going to be kept more secret and the status quo will continue. 

Despite the efforts of the Western media in distorting the facts of the Gaza war, what caused the media propaganda against the Palestinian Resistance to fail?

I think camera phones and social media make the truth much harder to hide.  However, why did Western media propaganda work so well regarding the dirty war against Syria? I can’t be certain, but perhaps it was because Westerners are more familiar with the Palestinian cause, and less familiar with Syria's role in geopolitics.


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