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Media releases proposed deal between Israel, Hamas details

Media releases proposed deal between Israel, Hamas details

TEHRAN, May 02 (MNA) – An Arab media outlet published the details of the proposed agreement between the Zionist regime and the Palestinian Resistance, which includes three stages.

Al Mayadeen has acquired the details of the latest proposed deal between the Palestinian Resistance and the Israeli occupation, specifically related to the prisoner exchange deal and related clauses. 

Primarily, the deal's objective is to achieve calm in the area and work on reaching a ceasefire, the document explains.  

In the first stage of the prisoner exchange deal, Israeli occupation forces will withdraw eastward, away from densely populated areas. Forces will be relocated to areas near the separation fence between the Gaza Strip and Israeli-occupied '48 Palestinian territories. 

Israeli aircraft, both combat and reconnaissance, will be barred from flying over the Strip for a period of eight hours on a daily basis. However, on days when prisoners are being exchanged, Israeli aircraft will not fly over the Gaza Strip for a period of 10 hours. 

On the seventh day of the deal and after women included in the deal are released, Israeli occupation forces will withdraw from al-Rashid Street and head eastwards, parallel to the Gaza Strip's main road, to Salah al-Din Street. 

The withdrawal of occupation forces is expected to ease the entry of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip and will allow non-armed civilians to return to their homes. 

On the 22nd day, and after one-third of the Israeli prisoners are released, the Israeli occupation forces will withdraw from the central Gaza Strip to an area near the separation fence. 

This process will allow Palestinians forcibly displaced from the northern Gaza Strip to return to their residences. 

The entry of concentrated amounts of humanitarian aid, including relief aid and fuel, will be facilitated in all stages of the agreement. 

In the first stage, Hamas will release at least 33 prisoners, which includes all Israeli prisoners who are still alive. 

In turn, Israel will release 20 Palestinian children and women for every female or male Israeli prisoner released. The names of the released detainees will be agreed upon by the sides, in pre-set lists. 

In detail, Hamas will release every living Israeli prisoner over the age of 50, wounded Israeli prisoners, and sick Israeli prisoners. "Israel" will therefore release 20 Palestinian prisoners, aged over 50, wounded, or sick. 

The second stage of the deal will extend for 42 days, in which both sides are expected to agree on the necessary actions to reach and implement a sustainable calm.

In the second phase, the necessary arrangements will be made for the comprehensive reconstruction of housing units, civil facilities, and civilian infrastructure.

The third stage of the deal will also extend for 42 days, in which the bodies and remains of killed individuals on both sides will be exchanged. 

A 5-year reconstruction plan for the Gaza Strip will be implemented which will include the construction of housing units and civilian facilities and infrastructure. The Palestinian side will refrain from rebuilding military installations and infrastructure during that period. 

Moreover, the Palestinian side will not import any equipment, raw materials, or other components to be used for military purposes. 

Qatar, Egypt, and the United States are the stated guarantors of the agreement. 


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