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Senior Hamas official:

Over half a million Gazans at risk of death from starvation

Over half a million Gazans at risk of death from starvation

TEHRAN, Jan. 23 (MNA)– A senior official of the Palestinian Resistance movement Hamas has warned that more than half a million people face the risk of death from starvation in the Gaza Strip due to US-backed Israeli genocide in the territory.

Osama Hamdan, who represents the movement in Lebanon, made the remarks at a press conference in Beirut on Monday.

"Due to the high number of displaced people, lack of viable shelters, and scarcity of adequate food aid, more than half a million of our people in the northern Gaza Strip face the real danger of death and are starving," Hamdan said.

The official added that the people of Gaza have been forced to "grind animal fodder" in the absence of flour and food.

Hamdan said Israel and the administration of the United States President Joe Biden are responsible for the massacres that have been carried out against Gazans, calling on international organizations to declare northern Gaza a "famine zone."

He also urged the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Arab League to intervene immediately to open Gaza's crossings and bring in aid.

The Hamas official said despite what the Israeli regime and the United States claim, there are no safe areas across the coastal territory.

Hamdan stressed that the US administration is fully accountable for the escalation that the region is witnessing due to its continued support for Israel and its aggression against Gaza.

The Israeli regime, he emphasized, has stopped short of achieving any of the goals it had sought to realize through its military aggression against Gaza.

"After 108 days of this Zionist-American war against the Gaza Strip, the enemy has failed to achieve any of its aggressive goals. It has not been able to break the will of our great, patient, committed, and sacrificing people, nor has it been able to defeat the Resistance,” Hamdan said.

He added, "Neither our people left their land, nor did the Resistance raise the white flag, nor did any of [Israeli] captives return to it, except for those that the Resistance released on its own terms."

In another part of his remarks, Hamdan said the Hamas movement strongly condemns the US administration’s designation of Yemen's Ansarullah Resistance movement as a terrorist group.

"We also condemn the continuation of the brutal American-British aggression against the brotherly [nation of] Yemen ... and we consider it a proof to US insistence on militarizing the Red Sea to protect the [Israeli] occupation and support its crimes and aggression," the Hamas representative said.

Concluding his remarks, Hamdan reaffirmed that Operation al-Aqsa Storm was a "necessary step and a natural response" by the Resistance to the Israeli regime's plots against Palestinians.

The Israeli regime launched its onslaught on Gaza on October 7, 2023, following Operation al-Aqsa Storm by the territory's Resistance movements.

More than 25,000 Palestinians, mostly women and children, have lost their lives so far as a result of the brutal onslaught and a concomitant siege, which the regime has imposed on the territory with all-out American military and political support.


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