Iran exports 'Brain Surgery Navigation System' to 3 countries

TEHRAN, Jul. 20 (MNA) – Islamic Republic of Iran has embarked on exporting ‘Brain Surgery Navigation System’ to three countries including Russia, Germany and Ecuador.

The Training Department Manager of a knowledge-based firm Dr. Ebrahim Najafzadeh broke the news on Tue. and stated that Iranian researchers indigenized ‘Brain Surgery Navigation System’ in a way that this sophisticated system, in addition to being used in 80 hospitals of the country, has been exported to three foreign countries.

“We embarked on designing and producing Brain Surgery Navigation or Brain Surgeries’ Strategic System using images,” he added.

He pointed to the application of Brain Surgery Navigation System and added that this advanced system can be used for various brain-related surgeries. The device is applicable as a guide for surgeons on various brain tumors, sinus and cranial (skull) base surgery, brain- and spinal cords’ sampling.

According to him, this system is able to guide surgical process for the surgeon with high precision and confidence using advanced technologies for processing and displaying medical images simultaneous with real-time positioning of surgical instruments.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Najafzadeh pointed to the salient features of the system and added, “Given the high precision of the system which it provides for brain surgical operation, it will enable surgeons to plan surgeries more precisely. This planning includes determining the best cutting point, the optimal path to reach the desired brain area and avoiding collisions with critical structures of the body.”

It should be noted that this domestically-manufactured surgical device is being used in 80 hospitals of the country and also has been applied by 150 surgeons in more than 6,000 surgical operations, he emphasized.

Iranian Brain Surgery Navigation System has been exported to the three countries including Russia, Germany and Ecuador, he said, adding that talks are underway between Iranian and Turkish officials to export this device to neighboring Turkey.


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