Macron under foreign influence: French journalist

TEHRAN, Oct.  (MNA) – Reacting to the recent anti-Islam comments of Emanuel Macron, a French journalist said the president is following the interests of some foreign powers, instead of his own nation.

Macron has sparked outrage across the Muslim world by accusing French Muslims of "separatism" and describing Islam as "a religion in crisis."

That coincided with the murder of a French teacher who showed blasphemous cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad to elementary school children in the class. Macron paid tribute to the teacher, and said France would "not give up our cartoons."

In this regard, Mehr News has reached out to French journalist, Christiane Zahra Guillaume, to shed light on the matter.

“Our president is under foreign control, and not for the French people interest,” said Guillaume.

"As a minister of economy, he betrayed France in several cases, including the Altshom General Electric, sale of airports Toulouse, hydroelectric dams, and private militia ( Benalla affair)," she added.

Guillaume noted that in order to find out the main reasons behind Macron's anti-Islam political positions, which come at the risk of undermining diplomatic and economic relations with many Muslim countries, "We must remember how he has been chosen as a president.”

If you keep this fact in mind, you can understand what is happening in our country, Guillaume said, adding, “How he manages the sanitary crisis shows that is not important for him to destroy the economy and the social stability of his country. His management of the Yellow Vest movement is another testimony of that.”

“In the name of security or social peace, he doesn’t hesitate to order the police to kill, hurt, knock out and imprison people protesting against the degradation of social and economic conditions and the pauperization of society.”

The French journalist noted, “Some geopolitical experts warn President Macron against his latest anti-Islamic statements, which can encourage the Muslim electorate to make another choice than his in the next elections.”

However, she noted, “If Muslims will not elect him again, it is not important for those who have chosen him because they perhaps will bring another candidate.”

“Unless the majority of the citizens wake up and decide to take charge of their destiny in the interest of their country.”

All this evidence shows that "Macron is not free to act," Guillaume said, adding, “He is obliged to follow what a certain foreign leader, who can be American or Israeli, tells him.”

Somebody said a few years ago that if the peace and the unity of the nation is destroyed, it doesn’t matter, but it’s important to impose the candidate they want and the candidate who will be pro-European more than pro-French, the journalist said.

“The destruction of the social and economic stability of the European nations will be useful to impose a world order and government almost after all the people have been suggested to restrictive measures in name of the security,” she added.

he is far from the reality and it explains that the Turkish leader. said that Mr Macron is crazy and must be locked up and for a long time... 

Interview by Morteza Rahmani

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