Lebanon released Israeli spy under US pressure: Lebanese politician

TEHRAN, Mar. 22 (MNA) – The head of the Al-Nahj Movement and a former Lebanese MP Hasan Yaghob described the role of the US in the process of releasing an Israeli spy from Lebanon.

The release of the Israeli spy and mercenary Amer al-Fakhoury from Lebanon sparked outrage in the country since he committed many atrocities, especially against prisoners. Any excuse for his release is unacceptable. In the meantime, US interventions to save Al-Fakhouri from punishment in Lebanon have been clear.

In an interview with Mehr News Agency, the former Lebanese MP Hasan Yaghob noted the US efforts to release Amer al-Fakhoury, known as the butcher of Khiam, and said, “He was released after constant pressure from US authorities. While this is a very blatant and obvious move, it can be said that it conveys a significant message.”

“The first message is that the Israeli mercenary has been assigned dangerous missions and has high intelligence value. Second, there has been a major dispute for his release between the Resistance officials and the US which seeks to support Israel. The question is that they had claimed that Hezbollah has control over Lebanon's affairs, but now the US leverage in Lebanon appears to have taken over.” He added.

“The third point is the timing of Al-Fakhoury’s release when courts had no activity. Moreover, the presence of a military commander Hussein Abdullah, the son of one of the authorities of Al- Khiam district which has a notorious prison, indicates that this disgraceful decision was made when the Lebanese were distracted with the outbreak of coronavirus and no gathering was held in the country.” He noted.  

“Another point is that the deal was bilateral, especially as Lebanon is faced with the current economic and financial crisis and the key is in the hands of the United States. The US applies the leverage of sanctions and this is also true for Lebanon,” he maintained.

“The next issue is that the alleged offenses against Al-Fakhoury have been declared inadmissible saying the statute of limitations had passed. However, the crimes committed by this Israeli mercenary do not disappear over time.” The head of the Al-Nahj Movement said.

"Finally, we have to say that the ruling system in Lebanon has long been an advocate of American interests, and in our current situation we need strategic patience," Hasan Yaghob noted.


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