A totally Americanized England at full display!

TEHRAN, May 24 (MNA) – British Secretary of State for Defense Penny Mordaunt recently described Iran activities in the region as “causing tension”, adding that London will be supporting Washington. British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Jeremy Hunt has also announced that the United States will respond to any activity that threatens its “interests” in the region.

Hunt has claimed that the best way to resolve the Middle East conflict is by making Iran stop its destabilizing activities in the region.

Apart from such statements, it is said that the United Kingdom has sent out some special military forces in order to help American forces to settle what they claim to be “Iran’s threat” in the region. This shows that UK, once again, has adopted a mixed strategy so that it can derive the most benefit out of every situation.

U.K. goals can be interpreted from its activities. The country has not fulfilled its commitments in Iran nuclear deal; instead it has tried to guard its own interests by keeping U.S. as a traditional ally. At the same time, UK has kept selling weapons to countries in the region and posed as an active member in international arena so that it can cover up its own problems with Brexit.

By analyzing the factors affecting the region, British are well aware that war might be an unlikely consequence, but they still try to create an atmosphere of fear and imply that “an impending war” might be ahead of us, so that they can reach the four goals that we mentioned above.

Apart from such actions, U.K. is aiming to maintain its relations with main players in the region, such as Iran, so that it can establish a favorable atmosphere for itself in media and reap its benefits in political and economic, as well as security fields.  

The British should have learned by now, that such actions might help them squeeze money out of tycoons of Middle East or have U.S. make some political concessions to them, but such actions will not have any effect on the Islamic Republic of Iran, as it had not over the last 40 years.  


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