US sanctions targeting Iranian people's livelihood

TEHRAN, Nov. 10 (MNA) – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani underlined that the illegitimate sanctions reimposed by the US government negatively affect the life and living of Iranian people.

Speaking after the meeting of the heads of the three branches on Saturday, President Hassan Rouhani said, “the people of Iran acted exactly the opposite way and made it clear with their steadfastness that it is the government of the United States that is thinking about putting pressure on the Iranian nation."

“With their illegitimate sanctions and targeting the banking system and Iran’s oil export, as well as other goods of export related to the income and resources of the country and import of basic goods, Americans want to negatively affect the life and living of people," he added.

President said that, “the new round of sanctions that launched on November 5 has had no effect on the economy of our country because whatever bullets the Americans had, had been used before against the Iranian nation and they had nothing new to offer."

“It was also revealed that the Americans cannot reduce Iran’s oil export to zero. The officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran were saying from the first day that Americans are not able to reduce Iran’s oil export to zero, but they kept repeating that they would do this and they recently admitted that the cannot reduce Iran’s oil export to zero,” added Rouhani.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also went on to say, “their argument was that if they could reduce Iran’s oil export to zero, the price of oil will rise to 150$ per barrel and this is what we kept saying from the first day that either the entire region exports oil or if Iran’s oil export is stopped, others will face problems too."

He added, “Americans were under the pressure of the public opinions of the world which forced them to retreat and say that food, medicine and medical equipment are exceptions, which is also incorrect because when they impose sanctions on the banking system, they are actually affecting everything."

Addressing the Iranian nation, Rouhani said, “in providing basic goods, we have no problem and our warehouses are ready more than any other time to provide people’s essential needs for many months."

“Thank God, our current conditions are good and export has risen in the first 7 months of the current year compared to the same period last year, and this means that production has increased and people’s business is good,” he added.

The President also said, “in the coming months, Americans will understand well that the path they have chosen is wrong. This does not tire the Iranian nation, but makes them ready for more production and having closer relations with neighbours."

“In today’s meeting with the head of the other two branches, the Speaker of the Parliament and the Head of the Judiciary, we discussed the latest status of the economy and drawing the roadmap for the coming months as the Supreme Leader has instructed," he added.

President Rouhani also said, “today, we discussed this roadmap and closer relations with our neighbouring countries, as well as our economic relations."


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