‘Death to America’, but why?

TEHRAN, Nov. 04 (MNA) – Today marks Aban 13th which falls on November 4th, a significant day for Iranians that reminds them of three historical events.

On that very day, some 53 years ago, the late Imam Khomeini was exiled from his homeland, Iran, to Turkey; on that day again some 39 years back some college students at the University of Tehran were murdered, and finally the takeover of the US embassy in Tehran took place some 38 years ago on Aban 13th.

Although varied in nature, the three events helped shape the uprising of the people which led to the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

Since the role of the US and its allies is pretty clear in all three events, the day is called “National Day of Fighting against Global Arrogance”.

This very anti-hegemonic nature of the Islamic Republic of Iran is what the world criminals and hegemons cannot tolerate and therefore try to isolate Iran globally. But why do we observe this day with the slogan of “Death to America”?

“Death to America” is the spirit of the Islamic Revolution and its body can go no far without this slogan.

Of course, America is a symbol of all satanic deeds, not letting the inhabitants of the planet earth progress and experience a free life.

Therefore, “Death to America” is not just a motto but a way of mind expression inspired by the sense of hatred from the world’s freedom lovers who know full-well the character of the satanic system of the global hegemony.

The demon’s character has yet to change ever since the victory of the Islamic Revolution, and successive US presidents, whether Republicans and Democrats, have been traveling on that road ever since.

“Death to America” is a slogan that is not limited to borders; and had it not been for the repression of the Western media empire, it would have captured the world long before.

“Death to America” is the cry of freedom lovers opposing killings of children, slavery, arrogance, brutality. We keep high hopes and remain steadfast until a day when betrayal is uprooted.

And Allah has promised that day to all mankind, a day that all the world’s oppressed will rule the planet and the flag of justice will be raised.

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