Head of Judiciary hails nuclear negotiators’ achievements

TEHRAN, Nov. 26 (MNA) – Iran’s head of the Judiciary has appreciated Iran’s negotiation team and the president as ‘supervising over the negotiations process.’

The Judiciary Public Relations office informed Mehr News that Ayatollah Amoli Larijani addressed a plenary meeting of Judiciary officials on Wednesday, where he expressed gratitude for Iran’s nuclear negotiation team and the president as well.

“There is tough steps ahead in the negotiations, and I am sure that the government officials will be resolved to bring the path to the ultimate results,” Larijani was quoted by the Public Relations Office, “Iranians have remained in the course of nuclear negotiations patiently, while the western powers made excessive demands in every step forward; a bullying and condescending view by west especially the US has characterized different phases of negotiations, winning even some hearts and minds inside the country for their cause, which I believe, it is naïve to believe such simplifications of the issue,” he added.

Head of the Judiciary asserted that Iran like any other country, required different types of energy in road to development, and attaining such energies was time-consuming and costly as well; “Iran is in the road to development and it does need electricity, and it needs exploiting every opportunity including nuclear technology to materialize the goals, and it is a need undeniable,” told Amoli Larijani to the meeting, “any step back in seeking nuclear rights would mean to concede over national pride and independence; actually, reducing the number of centrifuges is not simply a physical concession; rather, it would entail spiritual damages on the self-esteem of Iranians,” he said.

“Giving in to the excessive demands of the west in fact would translate into trampling down the ideals of a nation and its ambitions and glory; it would be to deprive a nation of its self-reliance, the spirit of a nation, which few people seeking national pride would countenance,” he noted.

“The Judiciary would thank the negotiation team leading talks to this stage, and the president as well, as supervisor to the whole process,” Amoli Larijani stated.

On the ISIL, he believed that the Takfirist view was a product of the West to distort and besmirch the true face of Islam, which “is a face of rationality and wisdom,” through violence and abominable act of barbarism in the view of the world people, to fuel Islamophobia, especially in Syria through its ISIL proxies.

On the spread of general hatred toward Shi’ism as part of the western conspiracy to sow discord among Islamic faiths and to contain the Islamic Republic of Iran, Amoli Larijani said that Iran would equally support Hezbollah and Hamas, since “Iran would only seek supporting Islam and its true identity against the enemies.”


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