Iranian Sunni clerics: 'ISIL not Sunni'

TEHRAN, July 5 (MNA) – Iranian Sunni clerics of Urmia have issued a statement to express hatred toward violations by ISIL Takfiris in Iraq.

The clerics in the statement declare that the terrorist acts by ISIL had no connection with the Sunni beliefs, whereas it was an outcome of global imperialism and Israel usurpers.

The statement which was published on Saturday morning reads “ISIL terrorist group trained by Israeli regime, US and UK has no connection to the religious teachings of Sunni sect; it's rather an imperialism’s puppet.”

The Sunni clerics declared that most of people recruited to this terrorist group are from different countries that do not have any knowledge of the Divine religions.

“Showing a wrong, harsh face of Islam and questioning the sacred Islamic revelations are plots by this Takfirist group to introduce a wrong face of Islam. Western media wrongly and purposefully try to impute them to Sunni sect while the paradox is that they do not show their violation through their media.”

“Terrorist ISIL group attributes itself to the Sunni sect while commits crimes under the Sunni sect’s name but Sunni clerics assert that whatever deeds the barbaric ISIL commits, were scheduled by the US and Israel, while the true Sunnis are followers and submitted to Prophet Mohammad and consider slaughter as the worst human crime.”

The Sunni clerics of Urmia also expressed gratitude to the Shias’ marja (source of emulation) decree to fight against terrorist ISIL.


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