Saudi King Still in Hospital; Crown Prince’s Alzheimer Relapse

TEHRAN, Dec. 12 (MNA) - News sources announced Saudi Arabia’s President of Royal Court the authority to govern the country in the absence of the King and the Crown Prince because of disease.

In the absence of the King and Crown Prince due to a disease, the President of the Royal Court has taken control of affairs, MNA reported.

King Abdullah’s senility and illness and the Crown Prince’s chronic Alzheimer’s disease have given the ruling of Saudi Arabia into the hands of Khalid Al-Tuwaijri, President of the Royal Court.

A man who has brought for himself a fame by revealing accurate news from inside the ruling family in Saudi Arabia and outside under the pseudonym “Mujtahid” has declared in his latest reports that “King of Saudi Arabia has become tired and insists to be transferred to the care unit inside the palace; thus despite the physicians’ insistence that he remain hospitalized, King Abdullah might be transferred to the palace.

 “The king’s conditions are getting better gradually, but the doctors are concerned if his heart and lungs are not stable and post-operational side effects deteriorate his health”, added Mujtahid.
 “Before the king’s appearance on TV, his health worsened two times, but suddenly his health improved two days prior to the appearance”, he emphasized.

Mujtahid added: Crown Prince Salman has not yet cancelled the Prophet’s Character Festival in Medina to be held in the upcoming days, indicating that there is no need to worry about the King’s health. However, the king is now being extremely guarded and only Khalid Al-Tuwaijri and his son Mothaab, Salman, or Muhammad bin Nayef are eligible to meet the King.

“It was predictable that Al-Tuwaijri’s influence had diminished and a scenario is devised for his dismissal, but now things have turned around and Al-Tuwaijri has exploited Salman’s Alzheimer’s and extended his influence,” Mujtahid said.

He also added that Khalid Al-Tuwaijri, with the royal insignia in his hand, has seized the control of almost all ministries except the Ministry of Interior, since he is not willing to annoy Muhammad bin Nayef in the ministry.

With the time of budget announcement coming up, details of budget have been fallen to Al-Tuwaijri’s command, and it is for the first time that a non-royal figure seizes the budget. King Abdullah was moved to the army hospital in Riyadh and underwent an operation in the spinal column in Saturday, Nov. 17.

Earlier in October of the last year Saudi king underwent operation. Abdullah had 2 operations two years ago in US and spent three months out of Saudi Arabia. The 88-year-old Abdullah took over the affairs in Saudi Arabia in 2005 after King Fahad deceased, but his health has not been satisfactory.




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