TEHRAN, October 25 (Mehr News Agency) — Polish National Security Adviser Marek Siwiec, the head of the Polish National Security Bureau, said here Friday that Polish forces can achieve success in Iraq with the help of Iran because Iran has the same majority religion as Iraq.

Siwiec, who visited Iran on the invitation of his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rowhani, told the Mehr News Agency that the presence and activities of Polish forces in Iraq is essential due to the insecurity in the country, adding that their main aims in Iraq are establishing security and beginning reconstruction.


Iran is an important partner for us for building the framework of communication and exchange of views and information because of its strong faith and the fact that the majority of Iraqis are Shia, just like in Iran,” he said.


He stated that his visit is not the first visit that a Polish official has made to Iran, noting that the Polish foreign minister also visited the Islamic Republic previously.


“The second reason for my visit to Iran is to hold consultations about establishing peace and stability in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf, and the last, but not the least, of our attempts is to fight against terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction,” he said.


Asked about Poland’s participation in the reconstruction of Iraq, he said that this is a very important and difficult issue because the country has been devastated not by war but by the former regime and the shortages of goods nationwide.


He added that in order to start the real reconstruction it is important to gain the cooperation of all nations, and the Madrid Conference in which all countries willing to help in the reconstruction of Iraq participated, was expected to determine the amount of money which will be available next year to carry out the reconstruction process in Iraq.


“One thing is sure, most of this money will come from the U.S.,” he said.


He added that the UN is not contributing the money for the reconstruction process of Iraq and the Madrid Conference participants are the only financial contributors.


Asked whether the Iraqi people regard the international peacekeepers as a force willing to reconstruct Iraq, Siwiec said that the UN resolution was approved for the reconstruction of Iraq and to make the presence of international forces in Iraq legal according to international law.


Siwiec stated that the Iraqi people are currently living in very poor conditions, stressing that the social and political infrastructure of the country must be rebuilt first in order to improve conditions.


He said that Polish companies are interested in Iraq’s reconstruction projects, stressing that Poland will make a decision in that connection next year. 


Siwiec added that the Iraqi people are currently unable to restore stability and security in the country, and said that the mission of the Polish troops in the country will be over once the Iraqis attain that ability.    


Elsewhere in his remarks, the Polish official hailed Iran for announcing its readiness to sign the additional protocol to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), expressing hope that the Islamic Republic would use the help of the European Union (EU) to further develop its peaceful nuclear program. 


Asked whether Poland’s cooperation with the U.S. in the Iraq campaign had harmed Warsaw’s relations with Paris and Berlin, Siwiec said Poland is pursuing an independent foreign policy, and stressed that the decision to send peacekeeping troops to Iraq had been taken despite the German and French positions toward the U.S.-led campaign in the country.







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