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A Home Connected to the Digital World:

Introducing the Latest Technologies in Smart Home

Introducing the Latest Technologies in Smart Home

TEHRAN, Apr. 24 (MNA) – The smart home concept is a familiar subject for us in 2024. We are living in an era that is defined by technological advancement and connectivity.

Now, your home seamlessly integrates with the digital world to anticipate your needs and bring comfort and convenience to your routine life.

To revolutionize how we live, work and interact with our surroundings, the technologies in smart homes are evolving each year to a whole new level to improve the quality of our lives.

We are going to take a brief look and introduce the latest technologies in Smart Homes.

Best in smart lighting

GE Lighting introduced a new Cync under-cabinet smart light fixture that is suitable for your space's needs. Cync allows you to choose between plug-in, battery installation, or hard-wiring, and it is also equipped with the ability to connect up to ten Matter platform smart lights together. 

Multifunctional Technologies

In 2024, we expect to see a massive trend in multifunctional techs and hybrid products that merge different gadgets and appliances into one. LG Air Purifying Table is a remarkable multifunctional technology which seamlessly integrates a table, air purifier, wireless charger and LED light into a single appliance.

Introducing the Latest Technologies in Smart Home

Best robot vacuum

One of the fantastic achievements in robotics is ZDNET's robot vacuums and mops. This robotic vacuum comes with an anti-tangle feature that can cut any hair that may be tangled in the brush rollers. It's also equipped with an 8000Pa of suction power, an automatic carpet detection sensor and dual oscillating mop heads.

Best in smart appliances

The wave of AI technology collided with the smart home in 2024. A new collaboration between Panasonic and Fresco in a smart kitchen platform resulted in the introduction of an advanced cooking AI assistant exclusively for Panasonic kitchen appliances.

The first product with this assistant is the new Panasonic HomeChef 4-in-1 multi-oven. Anticipate the AI assistant's capability to tailor recipes precisely to your dietary preferences and restrictions. It seamlessly suggests ingredient substitutions according to what's available in your pantry, while also fine-tuning serving sizes and optimizing cooking settings for a seamless culinary experience.

On the other hand Revolution Cooking introduced a new Macrowave Oven, otherwise known as a smart oven, providin the perfect replacement for microwaves, air fryers, countertop ovens, and broilers.

This device has all of them in one place, and it's smart enough to do it all. This Macrowave Oven can seamlessly switch between different cooking methods, such as microwaving leftover foods or air-frying hot wings with just a single touch of the LCD screen. 

Best energy management solutions

EcoFlow has launched Delta Pro Ultra, which is the largest portable battery. This battery can be combined with an EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2. Moreover, the combination of DPU inverter and battery can be used as a home backup system, which users can charge with various energy suppliers such as AC, solar, or gas generators. Delta Pro Ultra comes with a 6kWh capacity, allowing you to stack up to five batteries under each inverter. Combining up to three inverters with one Smart Home Panel results in a total of 90kWh. 

Best for home security

Have you ever used the iPhone face unlock system? Now, you can have the same tech in front of your front door! Consider it when you return home from shopping with arms full of grocery bags; there is no need to put them on the ground or do any other act; just unlock the door simply by facing it.

Lockly's new residential smart lock knows exactly who you are; with its facial recognition technology support, the Lockly Visage is your always ready-to-serve doorman. This tech is even more convenient than fingerprint locks to unlock the door, and to keep it flexible for old-school users; the Lockly Visage supports both facial recognition unlocking and keypad or physical key options for unlocking. 

Best platform

Meet a new game-changing and revolutionary protocol Matter that ultimately simplifies the process of configuration and control of smart home devices. Bid farewell to those days when you have to struggle with incompatible platforms and devices from different suppliers and manufacturers. The matter is here to rewrite a new standard with seamless smart home integration based on most new-generation devices supporting this protocol.

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