Geopolitical expert talks of US plan to grab Saudi oil share from global market

TEHRAN, Sep. 16 (MNA) – Anthony Cartalucci says it surely is no coincidence the US is targeting virtually every major energy producer from Iran, Venezuela, and Russia, but also including its own "allies" such as Saudi Arabia.

Following drone attacks on Saudi oil plants by Yemenis, the White House said on Saturday that the United States was committed to keeping oil markets well-supplied in the wake of an attack on Saudi Arabian oil plants by Yemen’s Houthi group.

many believe since the US has become a major oil producer in the world it is trying to grab the share of the major oil producing countries in global energy market by different tools like sanctioning and creating tensions. 

Sanctioning Iran, Russia and Venezuela in recent years can be interpreted in this context. To this end even the US is trying to grab its regional ally's share, Saudi Arabia.

To touch upon the issue we reached out to Bangkok- based geopolitical researcher Anthony Cartalucci. 

Referring to US real goal of creating tensions in the Persian Gulf and dragging Saudi Arabia to the quagmire of Yemen war, he said, "The US is positioning itself as an exporter of energy. However its gas and oil is more expensive to extract, process, and ship overseas. By disrupting existing major exporters and raising prices, the US is able to make its own exports more competitive. It surely is no coincidence the US is targeting virtually every major energy producer from Iran, Venezuela, and Russia, but also including its own "allies" such as Saudi Arabia."

He added, "The resulting conflict is also a huge boon for America's other major export - weapons."

Cartalucci went on to say,"The US has used Saudi Arabia as a pawn for decades - encouraging the worst and most unsustainable kinds economic and foreign policies, keeping them dependent on US protection and placing them directly at the center of US-driven conflict in the Middle East. 

In addition to the energy oriented implications of this recent incident - the attacks and how they are being exploited by the White House helps move forward Washington's plans to provoke wider conflict with Iran. The US has recently placed troops in Saudi Arabia and as it continues to ratchet up tensions with Iran, is creating a potential conflict that will consume not the US, its territory, people, and resources, but Saudi Arabia's and other Persian Gulf nations aligned with the US."

Commenting on the ways to tackle the tensions in the region, he noted,"As US power wanes, the ability for nations traditionally aligned with the US and the wider West have an opportunity to build ties with emerging global powers like China and re-emerging global powers like Russia. For example, while the US was "pivoting" toward Southeast Asia - the region itself made its own pivot toward China and other Eurasian powers. Nations once thought of as close US allies are now deeply invested in moving into the future as close Chinese and Russian allies. 

Another aspect of Southeast Asia's transformation out from under US primacy was the improvement of relations between nations pitted against one another by US interests. 

Saudi Arabia and other nations in the region currently suffering because of their "allied" status with the US must perform a similar "pivot." Just like in Southeast Asia, the Persian Gulf will benefit greatly if relations were improved between nations like Saudi Arabia and Iran. But also just like in Southeast Asia where the US targeted each and every nation escaping out from under its regional primacy with political instability, economic extortion, and even terrorism, the Persian Gulf will have to prepare for some hard times before its situation improves. Of course, the alterative is allowing the US to fight its regional allies down to the last Saudi, Emarati, and Qatari, leaving nations entirely broken."

Interview by Payman Yazdani

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