AE final statement:

Govt. should ‘exercise caution’ in JCPOA implementation

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TEHRAN, Mar. 10 (MNA) – The 19th session of the 4th Assembly of Experts has condemned Saudi Arabia’s crimes in Yemen and the kingdom’s ‘sheer incompetence’ for the Mina incident.

The 4th Assembly of Experts met in its 19th and final session and issued a closing statement where it called on the government to exercise caution in implementing the JCPOA. The Assembly’s statement reiterated the ‘rule of the jurist’ as a unifying element which was deeply rooted in religious thought; “the Leadership functions as a source of final word in important issues; the position had been so far the sole guardian of religion, security and public freedom against the onslaught from enemies, foreign and domestic despotism; it revived the true Islam during the Revolution of 1979 which bestowed the religious state its full position and deepened public faith to the system,” emphasized the first part of the AE’s statement.

The statement also called on the public and authorities to fully listen and act according to the Leader’s warnings and general recommendations in the practice of governance especially redlines set by the Leader during 2009 post-presidential election street riots and the issue of foreign infiltration; it extended accolade to the Guardian Council, Ministry of the Interior, the mass media, police and armed forces and all officials involved in holding Parliament and Assembly of Experts elections; “now the representatives of the nation should assume their responsibility of serving the country; moral integrity, a general avoidance of partisan interests, taking firm positions against foreign interventionist policies, and a jihadi conduct in theory and practice should inform their behaviors in the Parliament,” it demanded.

The statement warned the government on the implementation of the JCPOA; “the government had good offices in terms of bringing to a concrete result the nuclear negotiation; however, it should exercise caution in unilateral implementation of its commitments,” it suggested. “A caveat is also about the turning the country to the consumer market of foreign goods and services; Resistance Economy and reliance on indigenous capabilities and resources more than any other remedy, would provide the government with effective policy options to save the economy from precipice,” the statement went on to announce, “Saudi Arabia’s crimes in Yemen as well as the kingdom’s sheer incompetence during Mina incident provides us enough motivation to condemn its young and inefficient leaders who have taken belligerent positions in recent months.”

Still in related issue, Ghorbanali Dorri Najafabadi, a member of the AE said that the new AE would start session beginning in May 27 2016 after a few months of inactivity. Another Principlist AE member Ahmad Khatami, Tehran temporary Friday prayer Imam, told reporters that the behind-the-scenes negotiations about the position of the chairman had already been on air.





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