Letter to youth unveils US ruthless agenda

TEHRAN, Nov. 30 (MNA) – US political analyst and social activist praised Iranian Leader's letter to Western youth, calling it a means to unveil US cruel policies.

Iranian Leader's newly-published letter on Islam's opposition to the scourge of terrorism enjoyed world wide coverage in the media and among intellectuals and analysts of the world. In an interview to Mehr News, American author and radio host Stephen Lendman answered the questions regarding the issue:


In his letter to Western youth, Leader of the Islamic Revolution called on them to explore the root causes of terrorism. Why do you think it is important to address the issue?

Daesh, Al Qaeda, Jabhat al-Nusra and various splinter groups are US creations. They pose a serious problem because of Washington’s support along with other NATO partners, Israel, Saudi Arabia and various rogue Arab states - against independent countries like Syria, Iraq, Yemen and eventually Iran if not stopped. The way to defeat them is by ending all support. It’s their lifeline. Cut if off entirely and they’ll shrivel in importance to no more than a pest or irritant.


Iran's Leader underlines Islam as the religion of peace and friendship. Why are some trying to demonize Islam as the religion of violence?

Too few people in Western societies understand the common roots of Christianity, Judaism and Islam - preaching love, not hate, peace not war and charity for the less fortunate. Islam does not teach violence - just the opposite. Western propaganda claims otherwise, gross misinformation and Big Lies. All religions have radical elements. By far the most dangerous in my mind are Christian and Jewish fascists - mainly in America and Israel.


Why do some try to stir up Islamophobia through terrorism?

US imperial aims partnered with Israel and other nations are the root cause of today’s endless wars. America needs enemies to sell its permanent war policy to a naive public. Fear-mongering rages and most people believe it.

Post-WW II, America’s enemy was communism. When the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991, Islam replaced it. Peace and stability are anathema to US policymakers. Endless wars benefit them, including the huge profits made.


In your opinion, what is the importance of the letter at the present time?

It’s crucial for good people everywhere to expose Washington’s ruthless agenda together with rogue partners heading on a slippery slope toward the unthinkable if not stopped - global nuclear war able to end life on earth.


Stephen Lendman received a BA from Harvard University and an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Supporting progressive causes and organizations, he began writing in summer 2005 on a broad range of issues. Topics regularly addressed include war and peace; social, economic and political equity; and justice for long-suffering peoples globally - notably, victims of America's imperial wars, Occupied Palestinians and Haitians. In early 2007, he began hosting his own radio program. Currently he hosts the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.


Interview by: Payman Yazdani and Lachin Rezaian


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