US presidential election result could lead to civil war

TEHRAN, Oct. 18 (MNA) – An American scholar believes that in case Donald Trump is not re-elected in the upcoming elections, his supporters may lead the United States into an internal armed conflict.

“There are indeed groups that are in strong support of President Trump,” William O. Beeman, Professor Emeritus of the Department of Anthropology at the University of Minnesota, told Mehr News Agency.

“These groups are also armed, due to the Second Amendment to our Constitution which has been interpreted as allowing citizens to own and use firearms,” he added.

The professor noted that while there is no specific detail about the number of these support groups, “We do know that some members of these groups have already announced that they would take up arms if President Trump were not re-elected.”

“There is some fear that if he lost the election in November that he would not leave the White House on January 20 when a new president would take office.”

Professor O. Beeman said, “My personal opinion is that yes, some groups might take up arms and march on Washington. But I also believe that the number of people in these groups is not substantial. They could be extremely disruptive, but I believe in the end that they will be controlled by local law enforcement.”

With regard to the means of controlling these potential disruptions, he said, “Military force in the United States is very complex. In the United States, the national military (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard) is not allowed to operate within the United States unless they are requested by State governors. Each state has its own local military force, the National Guard, that is under the control of the individual States and marshaled by the State governors.”

“These and local police and sheriffs would be the people to control these groups. The Federal Bureau of Investigation could also be engaged if these groups violate Federal Law.”

He highlighted that “if Trump loses and these militia groups organize to forcibly maintain him in office, there will be sufficient military force to counter these people. However, forewarned is forearmed.”

“People are aware of this danger and are already making plans to control these militia groups should they try to stage what would effectively be a coup,” he concluded.

Interview by: Hamid Bayati

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