IRGC condemns Sheikh Nimr execution

TEHRAN, Jan. 02 (MNA) – IRGC has issued a statement to condemn execution of Sheikh Mohammad Baqir Nimr al-Nimr by Saudi Arabia.

The statement published on IRGC official website said that the execution was a prologue to Saudi Arabian regime downfall and a behavior very similar to ISIL atrocities.

“The criminal act of execution of Sheikh Nimr the leader of Shia in Saudi Arabia is part of a Zionist conspiracy to sow discord among the world Muslims which will be aborted by the Heavenly blessings coming down to us by the pure blood of these martyrs,” the statement emphasized. “Definitely, Muslims will react to this atrocity and violence through consolidation of unity, which will contribute to the resistance ideals of liberation of the holy Quds.”

“The medieval act of savagery by the Saudi regime is blatant violation of Sheikh Nimr’s inalienable rights and the freedom of expression, and a clear evidence that Takfirist ideology of Wahhabist teachings, now championed by ISIL, has dominated the files and ranks of the Saudi government,” the statement asserted.

The statement attributed the Saudi act to debacle of the kingdom’s domestic as well as foreign policies especially in its inglorious support for Takfirist terrorism, violation of international rules in attacking Yemen, and its support for equally reactionary and oppressive regime of al-Khalifa family in Bahrain in the face of Shia revolutionaries, and most importantly, its support for the crimes of ISIL; “we cast no tinge of doubt on the fact that the petty imperialist sentiments, Zionism, and their mercenaries in the Arabia, now too clear to be ignored after so much bloodshed and violence which overwhelmed the Muslim world, are behind this abominable acts, and will be aborted by the strong will of Sunni and Shia communities of Saudi Arabia.”

“Saudi regime will definitely pay heavy prices for the execution of Sheikh Nimr as unabashed and rash conduct; however, international organizations of human rights and freedom of expression should wisely abandon double standard in dealing with this issue and take clear positions in condemnation of the execution as its responsibility,” the statement suggested.




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