• مراسم گرامیداشت سالروز ورود حضرت امام(ره) 2018-02-01 12:44

    Iran marks 39th anniv. of Islamic Revolution victory

    TEHRAN, Feb.1 (MNA) – Millions of Iranians are holding nationwide rallies Thu. to celebrate the 39th anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution, marking the overthrow of the US-backed Pahlavi dynasty.

  • تجدید میثاق اعضای هیات دولت با آرمان های امام خمینی (ره) 2018-01-31 11:08

    Pres. Rouhani:

    Democratic establishment formed by nation's sacrifice, Imam's help

    TEHRAN, Jan. 31 (MNA) – Visiting the Mausoleum of Imam Khomeini on the anniversary of the days before the victory of the 1979 Revolution, President Rouhani hailed the rule of people over people in Iran.

  • plasco collapse 2018-01-20 13:10

    By: Mohammad Tahani

    One year anniv. of Plasco building collapse

    TEHRAN, Jan. 20 (MNA) – On January 19, 2017, the Plasco building, a 17-story steel high-rise in Tehran, caught fire, and collapsed while several firefighters were still inside. The tragedy left 16 firefighters and 5 civilians dead. 

  • 45675687876422 2017-11-25 13:28

    Cuban embassy:

    Castro tireless fighter for world peace, security

    TEHRAN, Nov. 25 (MNA) – Cuba’s embassy in Tehran released a statement Wednesday, commemorating the death of Fidel Castro Ruz and pointing to Castro’s role in defending the Iranian nation and government.

  • عزاداری خرمشهری ها در سالروز رحلت پیامبر(ص) 2017-11-18 21:31

    By: Hadi Abyar

    Iranian Arabs mourn demise anniv. Of Prophet Muhammad

    TEHRAN, Nov. 18 (MNA) – The Islamic month of Safar is full of unfavorable events for Muslims, and two days before the conclusion of the month Muslims mourn the demise anniversary of Prophet Muhammad. Our photographer has framed the Iranian Arabs in southern city of Khorramshar observing the rituals of the occasion.

  • حال و هوای حرم امام رضا (ع) 2017-11-18 18:54

    By: Hamid Foroughi

    Muslims mourn Imam Reza martyrdom anniv.

    TEHRAN, Nov. 18 (MNA) – Sunday marks the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Reza, the 8th Imam of Shias, who is buried in Iranian north-eastern city of Mashhad. On this occasion, Mehr News Agency’s photographer has photographed the holy shrine in these days.

  • سفارت سریلانکا 2017-07-10 10:03

    By: Abbas Takin

    Sri Lanka celebrates 150th anniv. of Ceylon Tea in Tehran

    TEHRAN, Jul. 10 (MNA) – The 150th anniversary of Ceylon Tea was celebrated by the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Tehran on 06 July, attended by Mr. Y.K.A. Rohanajith, Ambassador of Sri Lanka, MP Nazar Afzali, UN representative in Tehran Gary Lewis as well as Foreign Ministry officials

  • zarif 2017-05-26 10:32

    Zarif felicitates anniv. of Israel's withdrawal from Lebanon

    TEHRAN, May. 26 (MNA) – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad felicitated the anniversary of Lebanon's victory over Israel's occupation.

  • سفارت ایران در یمن 2017-02-09 13:20

    Iran’s embassy in Sana’a celebrates Islamic Revolution anniv.  

    TEHRAN, Feb. 09 (MNA) – The embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Sana’a held a ceremony on Wednesday to celebrate the 38th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution of 1979.

  • نشست خبری رئیس ستاد پیگیری برجام 2017-01-15 12:27


    JCPOA would not make Iran, US friends

    TEHRAN, Jan. 15 (MNA) – A senior nuclear negotiator has attended a press conference on the anniversary of JCPOA implementation deemed widely as a tour de force of Iranian nuclear negotiators and Rouhani’s administration.

  • سعید اوحدی 2016-09-16 15:38

    S Arabia negligent to rights of Mina martyrs

    TEHRAN, Sep. 16 (MNA) – Head of Iran's Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization Saeed Ohadi said Saudis have not taken any steps to preserve rights of casualties and martyrs of Mina tragedy.

  • پنجاهمین سالگرد تاسیس شرکت ملی گاز ایران 2016-08-01 13:52

    By: Majid Haghdoust

    Ceremony celebrates NIGC 50th anniv.

    TEHRAN, Aug. 01 (MNA) – Iran’s President Rouhani has attended and addressed the ceremony on Monday morning to celebrate the 50th anniversary of National Iranian Gas Company in Oil Ministry’s Oil Industry Research Center.

  • همایش گرامیداشت سالروز پیروزی دکتر روحانی 2016-06-19 14:12

    By: Amir Ali Razzaghi

    Anniversary commemoration of Rouhani's presidential victory

    TEHRAN, Jun. 19 (MNA) – A ceremony commemorating the anniversary of Hassan Rouhani's presidential victory was held in Tehran on Saturday. Rouhani was elected as President of Iran on 15 June, 2013.

  • khoshroo 2016-06-05 16:57

    New York ceremony marks Imam Khomeini (RA) death anniv.

    NEW YORK, Jun. 05 (MNA) – A group of Iranians in New York’s Imam Ali Islamic Center has held a ceremony to mark the 27th anniversary of demise of Imam Khomeini (RA).

  • مراسم سالگرد ارتحال امام خمینی ( ره) در خمین 2016-06-04 12:59

    Ceremony commemorating Imam Khomeini in his hometown

    TEHRAN, Jun. 04 (MNA) – A ceremony to commemorate the demise of late Imam Khomeini was held on Friday in his house in the city of Khomein, Markazi province.

  •  سی و هفتمین سالروز تاسیس روزنامه تهران تایمز 2016-05-08 11:14

    By: Asghar Khamseh

    37th establishment anniversary of Tehran Times

    TEHRAN, May 08 (MNA) – Staff of the Tehran Times newspaper convened on Saturday to celebrate the 37th establishment anniversary of the daily.

  • khoshroo 2016-02-08 21:24


    US should ‘review its policies’ of fostering terrorism

    TEHRAN, Feb. 08 (MNA) – Iran’s permanent representative to the UN has said Islamic Republic of Iran has always played a constructive role in regional issues.

  • مراسم بزرگداشت میلاد حضرت عیسی مسیح(ع) 2016-01-06 16:26

    Christ birth anniversary celebrated in St. Sarkis Church

    TEHRAN, Jan. 06 (MNA) – Christians in Tehran has celebrated the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ on Wednesday; Armenians believe Christ was born Janurary 6th.

  • سالگرد درگذشت زرتشت 2015-12-27 09:05

    By: Khosrow Parkhideh

    Anniversary of Zarathustra's death in Iran

    TEHRAN, Dec. 27 (MNA) – The followers of Zoroastrianism in Iran commemorated the anniversary of the death of Prophet Zarathustra, the founder of the Zoroasterian faith, on December 26.

  • milad tower 2015-10-11 21:54

    Through Tehran Municipality’s efforts;

    Milad Tower, Nature Bridge to be lit up blue for UN 70th anniv.

    TEHRAN, Oct. 11 (MNA) – On the occasion of UN 70th Anniversary and through the efforts of Tehran Municipality, Milad Tower and Nature Bridge in Tehran will be lit up blue on Monday night 12 October 2015.