6 tips for finding perfect Halal catering in Toronto

TEHRAN, Aug. 16 (MNA) – There are lots of Halal catering in Toronto and there are some like Haida Sandwich that you know you can rely on to deliver you high quality food every time.

There are lots of Halal catering in Toronto and there are some like Haida Sandwich that you know you can rely on to deliver you high quality food every time.

But there are other great places as well that you can discover on your own with the tips we have here for you.

Here are 7 tips for finding Halal catering in Toronto.

High hygiene standards is a must

This should be your first priority. No place is worth getting food from, no matter how good the food may be if there is a chance of you getting sick from it. Fortunately, there are ways you can tell if a catering place operates cleanly or not. The food must be wrapped and boxed neatly in reliable containers. If there are any disposable utensils, they should be in proper plastic or paper bags. If the food is delivered to you by a delivery person from the place, you can evaluate the cleanliness of the person and the delivery means to get a good idea from the place. If a messy guy shows up and gets you your food from a dented, dirty box, chances are your food was not prepared in a clean place, either.

Menu should have varied options and be informative

The menu of the place should be varied. If you are in a company and everyone wants different things to eat, it is way easier to order all of them from one place. A varied enough menu makes this possible. Also, the menu should be informative. You should know exactly what you are ordering and since you are at home, a descriptive menu, possibly with pictures of the foods, will help you make well-informed decisions. The menu should give information about the Halal substitutes of possibly non-Halal ingredients of the items on it.

Responsive means of communication is essential

Again, since you are not in the place from which you are ordering, the importance of effective communication becomes more important. You want a perfect catering place to answer their phones quickly and have an informed person on the line who knows the menu and can provide you with information that could not be on the menu. If you have any questions about the provider of Halal ingredients, the person should know and provide you with assuring answers. However, communication should not stop here. You should be provided with easy and proper means of giving feedback. Be it on online forms or someone calling you and asking for it. It is a sign of respect and a great way for the place to improve their service.

Overall service

There are lots of little thing that fall into this category and you should expect all of them to be right. Your food should be quickly prepared and delivered. You want your food at your door like you would get it at the place; warm and fresh. The delivery person should be personable and friendly. You should also be provided with various means of payment; online, credit card, cash, PayPal. If there are any promotional programs like coupons or special deals on certain items, it is a bonus and shows the care and respect of the management for customers.

Last but not least, the price

You do not expect a great catering place to be the cheapest one but you do expect fair prices and that is very much possible. The price you pay for your meal should be only the function of the quality and portion of your food and the quality of the service you get. You should not be charged for anything else.

Online reviews should help you

A great way of getting information about catering places without actually getting service from them is online. There are plenty of platforms like Foursquare, Yelp, Zomato, and Google that can give you people’s reviews and ratings. All you have to do is searching keywords like Halal, catering,​​ and Toronto to get the most relevant results.

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