Middle East OSCE would be a major development to settle regional disputes: Logoglu

TEHRAN, Sep. 18 (MNA) –Turkish veteran politician says creation of a Middle East OSCE, led by Turkey, Iran and others of the region would be a major development to maintain regional security.

Saudi young prince is getting more familiar with the consequences of the illegal war he waged against Yemeni people in 2015 with the green light of the US. Yemenis retaliatory drone attack on Saudi Aramco oil installations cut Saudi oil production seriously which is going to be replaced by US in global oil market. 

Pushing the Saudi Arabia to the quagmire of Yemen by the US is interpreted in line with the US long term policy to grab share of other oil producing countries by 2024 as Washington is planning to export 9 million barrel of oil a day thanks to production of Shale oil which has changed the oil consuming country to a major oil producing one.

Dr. Osman Faruk Logoglu Turkish veteran politician and a senior member of CHP was interviewed on the issue.

Touching upon the possible consequences of recent retaliatory Yemeni's attack on Saudi Aramco plants and the US efforts to drive major oil producing companies out of oil market, logoglu said, "Disrupting the oil flow from the Persian Gulf and removing Venezuela from the circle of oil suppliers will surely have terrible consequences for the global economy, heightening political tensions in the world.”

Commenting on the US and Russia’s gains of recent tensions in Persian Gulf as two major oil producing countries, he added, “The US and Russia, even if they are colluding to establish their hegemony over oil and gas, stand to make only short-lived gains, but are in the longer run poised to suffer, while I do not believe that there is such an American-Russian conspiracy at work, particularly the US must be called on to ease its harsh rhetoric against Iran and Venezuela.”

Raising a way out of regional problems, Turkish politician said, “In this vein, I believe if there is the opportunity for the proposed meeting to take place, President Rouhani would do well to meet President Trump at New York and reveal bare the facts of American policy for the whole world to see. On the other hand, if there is a chance to move forward after such an encounter, then Iran and the region would all stand to benefit.” 

He added, “On a wider scale, the situation calls for a more coordinated effort on the part of the regional states to address the problems of their region and to reduce the intervention and interference of outside powers in their affairs.  Regional ownership is the step to take.  To this end, the creation of a Middle East OSCE, led by Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and others of the region would be a major development, an idea now being publicly floated by the main opposition party CHP in Turkey.”

Interview by Payman Yazdani

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