US not firmly committed to JCPOA

TEHRAN, May 30 (MNA) – Iranian FM said the western sides are not seriously committed to JCPOA implementation.

Addressing a gathering of Iranian elites on Monday morning at Warsaw’s InterContinental hotel, Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said “we need to exploit the new post-sanction conditions in the country by expanding ties with the whole world.”

“Europe holds a momentous position in this regard though relations should not be solely limited to the green continent as the Iranian government pursues the positive policy of constructive collaboration with the whole world,” he added.

The official stated that Eastern European countries can turn into significant business partners for Iran; “despite the low trade volume at the present time, Poland possesses great capacities and potentials for bilateral ties.”

“Iranians residing in Poland mark trustable consultants for Iran’s private sector,” underlined Zarif adding “certain invaluable capacities inside the Iranian private sector remain dormant while they can boot employment and economic growth upon activation.”

Iran’s FM went on to note that Western sides, the US in particular, are not fully committed to obligations for the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) as the traces of sanctions can be perceived in monetary and financial systems of European countries.”

He stressed that the achievements in the course of nuclear negotiations came by as a result of the Iranian nation’s resistance which left the world disappointed about imposing pressures against Iran.

“Our security is due to the armed forces and what distinguishes Iran from other regional states is our reliance on people,” maintained Zarif commenting “despite all external pressures, threats and foreign propaganda, Iranians have had massive participation in national elections.”

The official urged that the country needs to rely on domestic production rather than being a mere consumer; “Iran enjoys unique features like high security as well as transit capabilities able to connect Northern and Eastern Europe to the Persian Gulf.”

“SWIFT is currently running while the remaining barriers pertain to banking regulations which were formed during sanction years,” highlighted the Iranian FM asserting “European banks are still doubtful about boosting ties with Iran since the US has assigned heavy punishments for cooperation with Iran during sanction years.”

Zarif further urged the US to assure the world’s businesses that they will not face punishment by collaborating with Iran.

The Iranian official emphasized that foreign policy should not be accompanied with partisan attitudes; “unfortunately, the country is extremely partisan and my every single word uttered by me will be interpreted within a political framework.”

He also pointed to unprecedented capabilities of Iran’s human resources; “at the Foreign Ministry, we feel obliged to serve Iranians residing in foreign countries with full respect.”

“Iranians are living in almost all countries and they are highly popular and respected in Western countries like the US,” said the official noting “what brings us together is our national interest which is void of political parties and partisan attitudes.”

Zarif later touched upon the recent visit to Terhan of High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini stressing “her trip was historical since she was accompanied by seven commissioners of the European Union.”




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