SHAHREKORD, May 20 (MNA) – ‘Darreh-e-Eshq’ (literally ‘Valley of Love’ in Persian) has been described a piece of paradise for its capturing of breath-taking beauty of Zagros.

Located in Ardal County, 110 Km from Shahrekord, of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, the valley and the village had been a tourist magnet in Zagros Mountains.

With many seasonal and all-seasons waterfalls in both sides of the valley, thick oak forests, and mineral spa waters, the village and the valley enjoys yet another feature, that is, it beds River Karoon, the provinces main body of freshwater. The province itself with over 250 natural historical and religious monuments is a frequent resort for tourism around the country and abroad alike.



Downdraft along with tectonic activity and water from melting ice of local heights of the Zagros has given unique potentials for tourism industry to the valley. The village’s special architecture also contributes to the beauty of the region as a whole. Valley of Love is located on a main Zagros fault; in fact, it is the place where two tectonic plates contact since the past.



Mountains covered with thick oak forests, naturally carved rocks and precipices catch the eyes in the southwestern part of the valley. Low height of the river bank and the immediate and sudden rise and fall of the terrain have brought variety; thus creating warm and cold seasons. The diversity is obvious in rock types, the precipice, plant cover, and other features.



A combination of different natural forms and variety of the landscape creates eye-catching scenery, especially with the coming of spring.

When move from Ardal to Naqan and enter the valley, pristine villages in a background of thick plant cover and waterfalls invite the viewers. The waterfall is feed by sources in the heart of Helen protected region and Mashayekh region. The waterfall, over 100 meters high, leaps out of the cracks of rocks in a manner of a leopard swiftly following his pray.



Besides the torrential waterfall, however, Karoon flows placidly. Valley of Love and Dourak Shahou villages’ rice plantations along with Karoon and pomegranate gardens paints a wonderful imagery.

An eco-tourism expert of the Cultural Heritage Organization of the province told Mehr News correspondent that special topographic features of the region provided venues for sports such as mountain climbing, rock climbing, with high load of the river providing perfect conditions for water sports and rafting.  




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