MBC to broadcast Iranian TV series “Coma”

TEHRAN, Sept. 5 (MNA) -- The Middle East Broadcasting Center (MBC) Arabic channel will soon air the Iranian TV series “Coma” by Sirus Moqaddam, having begun releasing the teaser trailer of the series on the channel.

Dubbed into the Arabic language by Lebanese dubbers, the TV series will probably go on air after the month of Ramadan under the title “Al-Wahm” (The Fantasy), the Persian service of MNA reported on Sunday.

MBC is a Saudi-run company broadcasting a mix of free-to-air news and entertainment channels via satellite.

In the past two years, Turkish TV series enjoyed a high popularity by Arabic viewers, but Arab religious figures objected to some of the productions due to immodest and un-Islamic topics and scenes portrayed in the series.

The original Iranian “Coma”, which was one of the most popular series broadcast in Iran during the month of Ramadan in 2007, attracted many Iranian viewers. It is assumed that “Coma” will attract the attention of Arab viewers as well.

The series centers on the life of an Iranian neurosurgeon Taha Pajuhan, known as the golden fist for his remarkable successes in surgery, but he becomes desperate when he is forced to make a painful decision after learning of his wife’s fatal illness.

Amin Tarokh, Laya Zanganeh, Hamed Komeili and Abdorreza Akbari are among the major cast members.

MBC is a leading free-to-air, news and entertainment broadcaster. It was launched in 1991 as the first privately owned and independent Arabic satellite TV station.

MBC has expanded into a multi-channel platform with a growing range of offerings for audiences of diverse local cultures. The round-the-clock service has also appealed to expatriate Arabic-speaking population and has attracted high-profile multinational advertisers.


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