US the same ‘old Uncle Tom,’ says Leader

TEHRAN, Nov. 03 (MNA) – Leader of the Islamic Revolution has received thousands of students ahead of the November 4 anniversary of US ‘Den of Espionage’ takeover in 1979.

The meeting commemorated the anniversary of National Day of Fight against Global Arrogance, where the Leader of the Islamic Republic Ayatollah Ali Khamenei dubbed the fight against Arrogance a rational, logical and wise movement with scientific background based on experience of the Iranian nation.

“The US is the same old Uncle Tom; however, some naïve or many a deceptive person wage attempts to disguise the image of this ever-plotting enemy in the view of the public,” the Leader criticized.

Ayatollah Khamenei said that the current era was an era of the stabilization of the nation’s glory and a time when the path to advancement should be drawn, and as a time when the true insights and awareness of the youth were critical components of such progress. He criticized the ‘historic error of judgement’ in part of Dr. Mohammad Mossadeq, then the prime minister in overreliance on the US in fighting yet more evil power as the Britain, which proved disastrous in squandering all the nation’s achievements gained during nationalization of the oil industry (1949), and restored the rule of a despotic Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, and exposed the country for 25 years to most devastating economic and cultural invasions.

He draw similarities between post-1953 coup d’état and today in saying that the US had extended its networks in the ranks and files of the government in Iran; “on the face of this desperate situations, those nations lacking the sagacious leadership, act passively and give in to the rule of the hegemonic powers; however, the boon of the leadership of Imam Khomeini made the nation enlightened about the ruses of the enemies, and Islamic movement targeted the despot and its supporting US,” the Leader told students. “After the Revolution [of 1979] the US embassy was active in Tehran and had relations with the government of the time; however, they continued their plots against the country, and this historical experience accurately would teach a lesson that friendship will never temper the Washington’s deep and boiling lust for conspiracy and regimes toppling,” he added.

“The ‘Den of Espionage’ takeover was a timely response by a group of Revolutionary students, ‘Muslim Student Followers of the Imam's Line’ to sheltering nation’s arch-enemy the deposed Shah; the documents delved out of the embassy exposed the realities testament to ruses upon ruses by the US against the newly-conceived Revolution and the government; pondering over these documents is necessary, which teaches us valuable lessons,” said the Leader. “The evidence came out of documents that US had been working to sabotage the efforts of the nation in all years of the rule of the despotic monarchy; they spared no available option to abort the Revolution, notably, supporting disintegrationist sentiments, coup d’états (Nowjeh) to topple the Revolutionary government, and encouraging Saddam Hussein and equipping the Baathist regime in 8 years of imposed war are only few cases of these misguided attempts,” Ayatollah Khamenei emphasized.

“The rereading of these plots give us a renewed sense of understanding of the US; some naïve parties inside the country would easily be lined according to US magnet of influence, which try to depict an image of the US quite in contrast to its true nature, and who would be a friend today after so many conspiracies; however, the reality of the US remains the same and they would grasp the opportunity to sting and poison Iranian nation with their venom whenever possible,” the Leader said.

“Iranian nation would not eye the US as a friend; it is a power seeking opportunity to topple Iranian government, since ‘conscience, reason, and humanity’ would not give the necessary moral ground where to cast hands of friendship to such an evil hegemony; over the time, they [Americans] have found that the religious beliefs of this nation is the major cause for resistance, and accordingly they have worked to target and destroy this belief,” the Leader emphasized. “The enemy has gone on extremes to make our universities during the despotic rule of monarchy as a bridge to the western world; however, today it is a bridge toward the sublime ideals and this bridge would lead to heavens; this has been for our keen and bright youth that protected the current position of universities,” he said.

The Leader touched also upon nuclear negotiations; “Iranian’s progress and power forced world powers to sit at a table to negotiate with us in nuclear issue; their attempt to stop the nation from its path toward progress through negotiation also fell apart,” he emphasized.

He also warned that an emphasize upon a permanent enmity toward US would not be to turn a closed eye to domestic incompetence and weaknesses; “we have weaknesses in planning and briskness in prioritizing the issues, which the enemies have exploited in many cases; however, Iranian nation will continue its path to hope to see an era where nations have been freed from the servitude of horrors of demonic powers; that time, Iranian will have provided a true and inspiring example to all humanity,” the Leader stated.

With students chanting 'Down with US' slogans against US, the Leader highlighted that "know that Iranian nation’s ‘Down with US’ slogan is rational and has strong background and it is clear it does not mean death to the American ‘nation;’ this slogan means death to American policies, death to Arrogance; this has a rational background and our Constitution and logic pronounce the same and it is understandable for any nation."




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