Air Pollution



  • air pollution 2017-09-26 16:28

    Iran, Japan ink MoU to reduce air pollution in Tehran

    TEHRAN, Sep. 26 (MNA) – Tehran Municipality and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to control air pollution in the Iranian capital.

  • ادامه آلودگی هوا در تهران 2017-02-11 15:59

    Researchers produce air nanofilters with 99% absorption

    TEHRAN, Feb. 11 (MNA) – Iranian researchers have produced a type of nanofilter from nanomaterial that can absorb 99 per cent of various air pollutants and chemical gases such as Co and Co2.

  • آلودگی هوای تهران 2017-01-08 17:00

    By: Mohammad Mohsenifar

    Air pollution in Tehran

    TEHRAN, Jan. 08 (MNA) – Iranian capital is again experiencing high level of pollution in Sunday. Tehran’s air is suffering from lack of public transportation services, out-of-date vehicles, low quality fuel and mismanagement.

  • آسمان گرفته تهران 2016-12-28 09:40

    By: Majid Haghdoust

    Tehran's gloomy sky

    TEHRAN, Dec. 28 (MNA) – Iran’s capital, lost in haze during last week, is enjoying rain and fog for almost third consecutive day in an unprecedented weather condition since the beginning of autumn.

  • ادامه آلودگی هوا در تهران 2016-12-25 09:11

    By: Maryam Azish

    JCPOA key for import of hybrid vehicles, reducing air pollution

    TEHRAN, Dec. 25 (MNA) – Iran’s pollution, a decades-old problem, has progressively increased in recent years, claiming several lives each year and damaging healthy lungs.

  • الودگی هوای تهران 2016-11-13 16:16

    Gray Tehran

    TEHRAN, Nov. 13 (MNA) – Iran’s capital, is breathing hard under a gray sky these days experiencing the most sever pollution since March.