Ex-MP urges Judiciary to stop mudslinging

TEHRAN, May 23 (MNA) – Former MP Emad Afrough has urged the Judiciary to prevent any kind of mudslinging by presidential candidates or their supporters if any presidential aspirant decides to name his cabinet.

“Some of the candidates are afraid that upon introducing their cabinet, some individuals will resort to mudslinging against them and unfortunately this is not farfetched. The Judiciary power should take action whenever widespread mudslinging” happens, he told the Mehr News Agency on Saturday.


Ayatollah Taheri supports Mousavi candidacy


Ayatollah Hassan Taheri stated on Saturday that he supports presidential hopeful Mir-Hossein Mousavi in the upcoming election. “We will be happy, pleased, and content if you win the tenth presidential election,” he said in a meeting with Mousavi in Isfahan.


Mousavi visited Ayatollah Taheri’s home during his visit to Isfahan Province. Mousavi emphasized that Ayatollah Taheri has played an important role in the Islamic Revolution.


 Mousavi not to resort to any ploy to gain power


The Servants of Construction Party spokesman, Hossein Mar’ashi, stated on Saturday that Mousavi will not resort to every ploy to win the election.


“One of the most important reasons for supporting Mousavi is that Mousavi believes in the content of the Islamic Republic of Iran and will not resort to every effort to stay in power,” he told the MNA.


Mar’ashi added, “Preserving the Islamic Republic does not mean preserving its form, rather it means preserving the content of the Islamic republic… The content of the Islamic Republic means people should have freedom and the right to choose.”


Relations with Europe, U.S will be the hottest issue


The Islamic Coalition Party has issued a statement stating that relations with Europe and the U.S. will be the hottest issue for the next administration.


“Undoubtedly, our most important issue in the next administration is defining the new relations with Europe and the United States based upon wisdom and the system’s expedience and with an emphasis on resistance, perseverance, and maintaining the country’s independence,” part of the statement read.


The statement cited some goals that the next administration should realize and insisted that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is able to materialize those objectives if he wins the election. The ICP has previously announced its support for Ahmadinejad.


 Mousavi ally opposes naming cabinet before election


Expediency Council member Majid Ansari stated on Saturday that naming cabinet before the election is not “expedient”.


“I do not agree with introducing the cabinet by the candidates before the election because (one) cannot introduce an inclusive cabinet in such a short time,” he told the MNA. Ansari supports Mousavi in the election.


Mousavi will try to resolve workers’ problems


Former MP Soheila Jelodarzadeh has said that Mousavi will try to relieve the problems of the working class. “Mousavi’s most important plan in supporting workers is to restore suitable conditions for working and production (sector) in the country,” she told the MNA in Semnan Province on Saturday. Jelodarzadeh, a defender of the labor class, leads the coalition of Mousavi’s supporters.


Mousavi says looks for “peace of mind” in the society


Mousavi has stated that he will make efforts to bring about a “peace of mind” in the society.


“One of my slogans is freedom from fear … Fear does not have only a physical meaning, rather, peace of mind should be created in the society. This will not happen unless an administration’s most efforts go into resolving economic problems,” he said on national TV on Friday night.






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