TEHRAN, Mar. 08 (MNA) – Naein is a desert city in Isfahan Province, which neighbors Semnan Province in the north, Khorasan Province in the east, Yazd Province in the east and Ardestan and Isfahan cities in the west.

The city has a desert climate and experiences extremely hot summers and relatively cold winters.

The history of the city dates back to the Achaemenid (550-330 BC) and Parthian (247 BC–224 CE) eras when Naein served as an administrative center for Yazd. After the advent of Islam, the city became a rest stop for Caravans crossing the desert.

The city has various historical attractions ranging from the Parthian Narenj Castle to the Jame Mosque, which is one of the first Islamic places of worship built in the country, the Mosalla prayer grounds where mystics and Naein Personalities are buried, Fatemi House and the ancient Reigareh Watermill.


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