Ethnic Groups



  • روحانی 2017-10-04 13:34

    Pres. Rouhani:

    Late Talabani played key role in Iraq’s national unity, integrity

    TEHRAN, Oct. 04 (MNA) – President Hassan Rouhani, in a message, said Jalal Talabani was undoubtedly a distinguished figure who made great attempts for strengthening bonds between Iraqi tribes and ethnic groups.

  • یازدهمین جشنواره فرهنگ اقوام 2017-09-08 15:45

    By: Raheleh Hesari

    Gorgan hosts 11th festival of ethnic cultures

    TEHRAN, Sep. 08 (MNA) – The eleventh edition of the festival of Ethnic Cultures is underway in the Iranian northeastern city of Gorgan, Golestan province.

  • امیر عبداللهیان 2017-09-03 17:34


    Why Islamic World is silent over genocide in Myanmar?

    TEHRAN, Sep. 03 (MNA) – Parliament's General Director for International Affairs Hossein Amir-Abdollahian says that genocide against Muslims in Myanmar is a humanitarian catastrophe. He calls for immediate humanitarian reliefs and political and international support.

  • حسن روحانی 2016-12-11 13:35


    Ethnic, religious diversity opportunity for national unity

    TEHRAN, Dec. 11 (MNA) – Iran’s Hassan Rouhani has told a meeting of Sunni clerics and religious leaders his government has priorities to maximize national unity through incorporating minority religious and ethnic groups into his government’s architecture.

  • لاریجانی 2016-08-09 23:18

    Larijani to Salih:

    Iran supports national solidarity in Iraq

    TEHRAN, Aug. 09 (MNA) – Parliament speaker has said the time has come when all Iraqi factions and ethnic groups should unite against the forces of darkness and extremism.

  • دیدار هزاران نفر از اقشار مختلف مردم با رهبر انقلاب 2016-08-01 12:18

    Leader receives people from various ethnic groups

    TEHRAN, Aug. 01 (MNA) – Thousands of people from different ethnicities from across the country have met this morning with Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei.

  • سفر رئیس جمهور به ارومیه 2016-05-31 17:00

    Rouhani unveils ‘largest industrial complex’ in western Iran

    TEHRAN, May 31 (MNA) – Iran’s Hassan Rouhani has emphasized upon his government’s commitment to help develop country’s north western part of the country, especially Kurdish regions.

  • Rouhani in Urmia for provincial visit 2016-05-30 23:13

    Rouhani in Urmia:

    Iran 'variegated patch of diverse ethnic groups'

    URMIA, May 30 (MNA) – Iran’s Hassan Rouhani has told a meeting of West Azerbaijan province clerics, elites, and dignitaries the current month of Khordad (May-June) has been crucial in the history of the Revolution.

  • سفر رئیس جمهور به ارومیه 2016-05-30 12:53

    Iran land of brotherhood, unity for all ethnic groups

    TEHRAN, May 30 (MNA) – Iranian President Rouhani said Iranians from all religions, sects and races are branches of one tree called Islamic Iran.

  • جشنواره سوغات و هدایا و اقوام ایرانی در قزوین 2016-05-29 14:35

    By: Farhad Safari

    Festival of souvenirs, gifts in Qazvin

    QAZVIN, May 29 (MNA) – Festival of souvenirs, gifts and ethnic groups is underway for three days at the Caravanserai of Sa'd al-Saltaneh in Qazvin province.

  • دیدار رییس اجرایی دولت افغانستان و هیات همراه با رهبر انقلاب 2016-01-05 15:24


    Ethnic unity key solution to Afghanistan’s problems

    TEHRAN, Jan. 05 (MNA) – Leader of the Islamic Revolution has hailed the national unity government as an initiative which brought together different ethnic groups in the power structure in Afghanistan.

  •   2015-09-20 17:50

    Milad Tower hosts event on Intel. Day of Peace

    TEHRAN, Sep. 20 (MNA) – UN Resident Coordinator in Iran has attended a ceremony in Milad Tower of Tehran on the occasion of International Day of Peace.

  • جشنواره اقوام ایرانی 2015-08-13 19:04

    By: Sara Rajaee

    Festival of Iranian ethnic groups

    TEHRAN, Aug. 13 (MNA) – A festival is being held in Tehran to introduce different ethnicities of Iran.