De-escalation Zone



  • Lavrov 2018-03-14 10:28


    US attack on Syria to result in serious consequences

    MOSCOW, Mar. 14 (MNA) – Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warned the United States against attacking Syria, saying that if this happens, the consequences will be serious.

  • UNSC 2018-02-24 13:50

    UNSC to vote on Syria ceasefire resolution Sat. at noon

    WASHINGTON, Feb. 24 (MNA) – The UN Security Council will vote on the Syria ceasefire resolution on Saturday at noon, Kuwait’s Ambassador to the United Nations Mansour Ayyad Otaibi told reporters.

  • araghchi 2018-02-23 10:40


    Iran working closely with Syria to de-escalate situation in Ghouta

    TEHRAN, Feb. 23 (MNA) – On a trip to London, UK Seyed Abbas Araghchi told Iranian TV that Iran and Syria are closely working to bring calm back to parts of the Arab country which have witnessed renewed violence as a result of increased terrorist activities during the past days.

  • UN Chief 2018-02-12 09:36

    UN Chief 'following closely' latest escalation in Syria

    NEW YORK , Feb. 12 (MNA) – UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres is following closely the latest escalation of hostilities in Syria and reminding all parties to the conflict that they have to adhere to the international law, Stephane Dujarric, the spokesman for the UN chief, said in a statement.

  • Lavrov 2018-01-23 12:46

    Lavrov stresses Russia’s support to political settlement in Syria

    MOSCOW, Jan. 23 (MNA) – Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov reiterated Moscow’s support for a political settlement to the crisis in Syria in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution No. 2254.

  • UN 2018-01-13 09:38


    Astana talks play key role in settling crisis in Syria

    NEW YORK, Jan. 13 (MNA) – UN Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs, Miroslav Jenca, announced that the Astana talks play an important role in resolving the crisis in Syria.

  • الكرملين 2018-01-11 14:59

    Kremlin comments on Turkey's summons of Russian ambassador over Syria

    TEHRAN, Jan. 11 (MNA) – The Kremlin's spokesman has revealed how the summoning of Russia's envoy to Turkey might influence the Syrian peace settlement.

  • turkey foreign ministry 2018-01-10 11:37

    Iran envoy rejects claims of being summoned by Turkey over Syria

    TEHRAN, Jan. 10 (MNA) – Iranian ambassador to Ankara has rejected claims by some Turkish media that he was summoned by Turkey’s Foreign Ministry over Idlib situation.

  • Haidar 2018-01-09 13:00


    No reconciliations in Harasta for time being

    DAMASCUS, Jan. 09 (MNA) – No reconciliation is to be achieved for the time being in Harasta area in Eastern Ghouta after the recent terrorist organizations’ violation of the de-escalation agreement, Syrian State Minister for National Reconciliation Affairs Ali Haidar said.

  • Syria 2017-12-31 13:25

    More than 1k ceasefire agreements signed in Syria in 2017

    HMEYMIM, Dec. 31 (MNA) – The Russian Center for Syrian Reconciliation reported that leaders of illegal armed formations have signed 140 ceasefire application forms.

  • Astana meeting 2017-12-23 11:06


    We demand immediate withdrawal of foreign forces from Syria

    ASTANA, Dec. 23(MNA) – Head of the Syrian Arab Republic delegation to Astana 8 meeting, Dr. Bashar al-Jafari, affirmed that the Syrian government considers the presence of Turkish and US troops on its territory as an aggression and demands immediate and unconditional withdrawal of foreign forces from its territory.

  • Syria 2017-11-15 14:30

    UN concerned about shelling in Syrian eastern Ghouta de-escalation zone

    NEW YORK, Nov. 15 (MNA) – The United Nations is concerned about the new artillery shelling in Syria's de-escalation zone located in the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta, Stephane Dujarric, the UN secretary general's spokesman, said.

  • Erdogan & Putin 2017-11-14 10:19


    We have to help Syrians make progress in political process

    SOCHI, Nov. 14 (MNA) – Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Monday that it is very important to help the Syrians make advance in the political process to solve the crisis and rebuild their country.

  • پوتین و اردوغان 2017-09-28 18:17

    Putin arrived in Ankara

    TEHRAN, Sep. 28 (MNA) – Russian president Vladimir Putin arrived in Ankara to hold talk with his Turkish counterpart Erdogan.

  • مناطق کاهش تنش در سوریه 2017-09-28 16:39

    Turkey asks Russia to mediate between Ankara, Damascus

    TEHRAN, Sep. 28 (MNA) – source told that Turkey asked Russia to be a mediator during talks with Suria on the Idlib de-escalation zone.

  • Lavrov 2017-09-26 12:06


    Conditions in Syria created to eliminate terrorism

    MOSCOW, Sep. 26 (MNA) – Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov said Monday that a positive trend in the development of the situation in Syria is encouraging, noting that Conditions have been created for a prompt and final liquidation of a hotbed of terrorism in Syria.

  • Walid Al-Muallem 2017-09-24 10:14

    Al-Muallem at UN General Assembly:

    Syria marching steadily towards rooting out terrorism

    NEW YORK, Sep. 24 (MNA) – Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Muallem delivered a speech at the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly, in which he affirmed that Syria is marching steadily towards the goal of rooting out terrorism.

  • Al Jafari 2017-09-16 10:21


    Agreement reached to create de-escalation zone in Idleb

    ASTANA, Sep. 16 (MNA) – Head of the Syrian Arab Republic delegation to the 6th round of Astana meeting, Bashar al-Jaafari said that Idleb has been included to the four de-escalation zones in Syria.

  • نشست آستانه 2017-09-15 16:19

    Astana Talks parties agree on Idlib zone borders

    TEHRAN, Sep. 15 (MNA) – The trilateral meeting of Iranian, Russian and Turkish delegations in Astana agreed that the seventh round of Astana Talks be held in late October 2017 in the Kazakh capital.

  • Idlib 2017-09-13 12:06

    All eyes on Idlib at 6th meeting on Syria in Astana

     MOSCOW, Sep. 11 (MNA) –The establishment of the fourth and the last zone of de-escalation of violence in Syria, namely in its northern Idlib province, is going to be in the spotlight of the upcoming high-level international meeting on Syria in Astana, Kazakhstan's capital.

  • ZABADANI 2017-08-30 09:50

    Local residents return to Syrian southern Zabadani due to ceasefire

    DAMASCUS, Aug. 30 (MNA) – The Syrians are returning to the country’s southern city of Zabadani located not far from Damascus and the Lebanese border, due to the establishment of the ceasefire and de-escalation zones in the area, the city’s mayor said Wednesday.

  • Homs 2017-08-27 10:27

    Terrorists violate Homs de-escalation zone agreement, kill 2 citizens

    HOMS, Aug. 27 (MNA) – Terrorist groups located in al-Houla area in Homs violated the memorandum on the de-escalation zone in the northern countryside of Homs, targeting the villages of Qurmos and Mreimen with shells.

  • لاوروف 2017-08-25 12:02

    Russia expects 4th de-escaltion zone in Syria

    TEHRAN, Aug. 25 (MNA) – Russia expects the establishment of a "de-escalation zone" in Idlib, as part of results of the negotiations between Turkey, Russia and Iran in Astana.

  • سوریه 2017-08-23 14:23

    Syrian southern de-escalation zone monitoring center opens in Jordan

    MOSCOW, Aug. 23 (MNA) – A joint monitoring center of a de-escalation zone in southwestern Syria has opened in the Jordanian capital of Amman, the Russian Defense Ministry said Wednesday.

  • Astana meeting 2017-08-22 13:54

    Kazakh FM:

    6th Astana meeting on Syria delayed for mid-September

    ASTANA, Aug. 22 (MNA) – Kazakh Foreign Minister Kairat Abdrakhmanov on Tuesday announced that the 6th Astana meeting on Syria has been preliminary pushed back for mid-September.

  • زندگی روزمره در مناطق جنگی سوریه 2017-08-09 08:42

    Syrian opposition announces plans on de-escalation zone

    MOSCOW, Aug. 09 (MNA) – The Syrian opposition said in a statement obtained by Sputnik that it has plans to achieve a new agreement on the de-escalation zones in the crisis-torn country.

  • Russian coordination center 2017-07-26 12:32

    Russian coordination center:

    An aid convoy enters eastern Ghouta

    LATTAKIA, Jul. 26 (MNA) –Russian coordination center in Hmeimem said on Tuesday that an aid convoy entered a region in Damascus countryside that is included in the de-escalation zone agreement.

  • Lavrov 2017-07-22 10:53


    Main parameters for de-escalation zone discussed with Syria

    MOSCOW, Jul. 22 (MNA) – Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that the process of discussing the main parameters for the establishment of a de-escalation zone in the south of Syria has been completed, noting that the details related to this issue are currently being settled.

  • Syria 2017-07-22 10:22

    6 killed, 20 injured in rocket attacks in Homs, Hama

    HOMS, Jul. 22 (MNA) – A child was injured on Friday due to terrorist rocket attack on al-Sankari village in Homs province.

  • Syria 2017-07-16 19:52

    8 injured in terrorist blast in Sweida countryside

    SWEIDA, Jul. 16 (MNA) – In a new breach of the memorandum on de-escalation zones, eight people were injured when explosive devices planted by terrorists went off in the northwestern countryside of Sweida province.