TEHRAN, Oct. 26 (MNA) – The Maragheh Fossil Site is one of the richest fossil areas in the world and in the last studies conducted, ancestral fossils of mammoth, giraffe, and deer have been discovered in this area.

The site has been the focus of paleontologists and geologists for many years. Many unique fossils have been found in this area at various stages of paleontological exploration. Therefore, this area has been called "the fossil paradise of Iran" by many geologists.

The Maragheh fossil area is known worldwide for its enormous herbivorous animal fossils. Some of them relate to the remains of Mastodons and Deinotherium (kind of elephants and rhinos). During excavating fossil and paleontological studies have been found mastodon dentin fossils, upper rhinoceros jaws, carnivorous skulls, horse teeth and jaws, giraffe jaws and fossils of a primary human.


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