'Dec. 30, 2009 popular rallies unmasked the conspirators'

TEHRAN, Dec. 28 (MNA) – The Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces has said December 30th rallies which was a popular reaction to 2009 post-election unrest, revealed the true face of the conspirators.

Maj. Gen. Hassan Firouzabadi has issued a statement for armed forces staff on the occasion of ‘9th of Dey’ (December 30th 2009) popular rallies. “The day will be eternal as a golden page in the history of the Islamic Revolution; it is a day when the devotees of the Revolution and the Leader of the Islamic Republic consolidated their spiritual relationship with the leadership of the Revolution; it is a turning point, and a day of honor and prestige for any Muslim man and woman; it is a symbol of independence, national pride, and the covenant of a people whom resisted to their lives to defend the principles of Islam and ideals of the Islamic Revolution and Imam Khomeini (RA),” reads part of the statement.

“It was a day when the clear voices of rallying people were heard by the world that they would confront the whole world should the enemy confront their religion and faith; it was a day which aborted the calculations of the enemy; the day was a day for people to display their exemplary and Revolutionary insight; it was when the masks were put aside and the face of conspirators was revealed in broad daylight, who would spare no attempts to inflict damage to the roots of the Revolution and the pivots of the Islamic Revolution,” reads part of the statement, “the day revealed that all conspirators infiltrated into the mass of the public all these years, only superficially showcasing their commitment to the Revolution and the rule of the Leader.”

The statement also emphasized that “definitely, the most important message communicated by the rallies of December 30, 2009 was to invite the public to awakening; “the day was inspired by the lessons learned from Ashura and contributed to the Islamic Awakening,” the statement concluded.


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