QAZVIN, Jun. 02 (MNA) – The “Alamut” region is one of the natural and rural areas in Qazvin province which is located at the foothills of mountains of Central Alborz in the north of Qazvin province, south of Mazandaran and Gilan provinces, east of Taleghan and west of Roudbar.

This ancient and legendary land has seen many ups and downs and is reminiscent of the impenetrable fortress of Hassan-i Sabbah as well as other castles remained by Isma’ili Dynasty and has always been at the focal attention of domestic and foreign tourists as well as many researchers and cosmologists.


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    • DE 16:18 - 2020/06/02
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      alamut castle should be reconstructed
    • DE 16:20 - 2020/06/02
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      alamut castles reconstruction doesnt need to be on alamuts castle ruins yet it should be reconstructed in alamut