New generation of Palestinians ‘hopeless about peace talks’

TEHRAN, May 16 (MNA) – Iran’s Foreign Ministry has issued a statement in the occasion of the anniversary of Nakba Day, a day marked by Palestinians as formation of Israeli usurping regime in 1948 as their ‘day of catastrophe.’

“The rise of new generation of Palestinians and their welcome of resistance to fight Zionists are embodiments of hopelessness of Palestinian nation after 22 years of fruitless negotiations, and has strengthened their resolution to rely on their own capacities in realizing the sacred ideals of Palestine,” reads part of the statement.

“Since May 14, 1948 when the inglorious and illegitimate regime of Israel came to being in the heartland of Islamic world, that is, 68 years ago, the day of Nakba has been reminiscence of the gloomiest day of the Palestinians and endless days of suffering when millions of Palestinians have displaced and become homeless; the 1948 events were the forerunners of even darker days of genocide of the Palestinians which ensued during the next decades by Zionists,” the statement emphasized.

“To perpetuate their occupation of all Palestinian lands, Zionists have committed the heinous crimes of arbitrary execution of innocent Palestinians, Judaization of the Quds (al-Aqsa Mosque), expanding Jewish settlements in Palestinian territories in the West Bank and a 10-year siege on Gaza Strip on the face of international hatred and condemnation,” the statement said. “Zionist well-orchestrated efforts to marginalize Palestinian issue as the first and foremost issue of Islamic world along with systematically relegating the issue in the collective memory of the Arab world had given Zionism more brazenness to deprive Palestinians of their hope for betterment of the situation.”

The statement welcomed strategic effort to end occupation as ‘blessed and glorious’ which it believed would bring national unity to Palestinians of any partisan orientation and bring hopes for them in renewal of fight against Zionism; “the Islamic Republic of Iran reiterates its support for national reconciliation efforts and harmony in facing Israeli threat and welcomes international pressures on the Zionist regime for extensive Jewish settlements in Palestinian territories as a good omen for ultimate triumph of the Palestinians in ending Zionist plots,” concluded the statement.




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