Sigmar Gabriel



  • Sigmar Gabriel 2017-12-06 16:46

    New world sees rise of Russia, Turkey, Iran: German FM

    TEHRAN, Dec. 06 (MNA) – The emerging new world order is seeing the growing influence of Russia, Turkey, and Iran, German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said Tuesday.

  • زیگمارگابریل 2017-11-29 20:22

    German FM condoms N Korea's missile test

    TEHRAN, Nov. 29 (MNA) – issuing a statement Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel condoned north Korea's missile test.

  • زیگمارگابریل 2017-11-13 15:47

    Germany, UK, France agree on JCPOA: German FM

    TEHRAN, Nov. 13 (MNA) – France, Germany and United Kingdom agreed to preserve Iran's nuclear deal (JCPOA) says German foreign minister Sigmar Gabriel.

  • ظریف تلفن 2017-10-13 10:35

    French Le Drian says Iran should benefit from JCPOA

    TEHRAN, Oct. 13 (MNA) – In a telephone conversation late on Thursday, Iranian FM Zarif and his French counterpart Le Drian discussed the latest status of implementing the JCPOA known as Iran nuclear deal.

  • ظریف تلفن 2017-10-12 13:15

    Zarif talks JCPOA with German FM, EU's Mogherini 

    TEHRAN, Oct. 12 (MNA) – Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif has held talks with EU Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini and German FM Sigmar Gabriel on the nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers known as JCPOA.

  • زیگمارگابریل 2017-10-09 16:52

    German FM:

    US withdrawal from JCPOA to worsen security situation

    TEHRAN, Oct. 09 (MNA) – The German top diplomat said that the security situation may get worse if Washington withdraws from the Iranian nuclear deal, adding that it causes concerns.

  •  Sigmar Gabriel 2017-09-21 16:53

    German FM:

    Our utmost interest not to jeopardize JCPOA

    TEHRAN, Sep. 21 (MNA) – German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel issued a statement after the EU3+3 Foreign Ministers meeting with Iran in New York.

  • zarif Jean-Yves Le Drian 2017-09-21 13:38

    Zarif holds talks with German, French FMs

    TEHRAN, Sep. 21 (MNA) – Iran’s Foreign Minister Zarif discussed various bilateral and regional issues, including KRG referendum plan and JCPOA with his French and German counterpart in New York on Wednesday.

  •  Sigmar Gabriel 2017-09-20 14:50

    Gabriel calls for dialogue, peaceful exchanges among UN member states

    TEHRAN, Sep. 20 (MNA) - In a statement prior to his departure for New York, German FM called for promotion of dialogue and peaceful exchanges among world nations.

  • وزیر امور خارجه آلمان- زیگمار گابریل 2017-09-05 17:40

    Gabriel supports Putin's proposal on Donbass

    TEHRAN, Sep. 05 (MNA) – The German foreign minister said that Vladimir Putin's proposal to deploy peacekeeper in Donbass should be seized.

  • rouhani 2017-05-21 15:43

    German FM, Armenian pres. felicitate Rouhani on reelection

    TEHRAN, May 21 (MNA) – German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel and Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan congratulated President Hassan Rouhani on his reelection as the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran on May 19.

  • ایران و آلمان 2017-05-07 09:13

    Iranian, German deputy FMs call for uprooting terrorism

    TEHRAN, May 07 (MNA) – Deputy foreign ministers of Iran and Germany, at a joint meeting on Saturday in Tehran, stressed the need to fight against terrorism.

  • Seif 2016-10-05 14:00


    EU banks ‘still wary’ on interaction with Iran

    TEHRAN, Oct. 05 (MNA) – Governor of Iran’s Central Bank has told German official EU should exert pressures on the US to force it to accelerate implementation of its share of JCPOA commitments.

  • حسین امیرعبداللهیان، مشاور وزیر امور خارجه 2016-10-05 08:54

    Political independence vital for Iran: Amir-Abdollahian

    TEHRAN, Oct. 05 (MNA) – The Iranian Parliament's General Director for International Affairs, Amir-Abdollahian commented on why Speaker Larijani cancelled the pre-scheduled meeting with visiting German official in Tehran.

  • نشست مشترک اعضای کمیسیون کشاورزی با علی لاریجانی رئیس مجلس شورای اسلامی 2016-10-04 16:36

    Larijani shuns German vice chancellor for his Israel remarks

    TEHRAN, Oct. 04 (MNA) – Speaker of Iran's parliament has spurned German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel on Tuesday due to his statements about Iran’s recognition of Israeli state.

  • نشست خبری محمدباقر نوبخت سخنگوی دولت 2016-10-04 14:52

    Gabriel says his remarks distorted: Nobakht

    TEHRAN, Oct. 04 (MNA) – German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel said his remarks about Berlin's 'preconditions' for Iran’s stance on Israel have been distorted, Iran’s Cabinet spokesperson said on Tuesday.

  • زیگمارگابریل- طیب نیا 2016-10-04 11:30

    Iran, Germany ink 10 MoUs

    TEHRAN, Oct. 04 (MNA) – A total of ten documents and agreements for joint cooperation were signed between Iran and Germany on Monday in Tehran.

  • چیت چیان 2016-10-04 09:19

    Energy min. calls for stronger Tehran-Berlin ties

    TEHRAN, Oct. 04 (MNA) – Iranian Energy Minister Hamid Chitchian has urged Germans to launch partnership in various water and power sectors of Iran.

  • کمیسیون مشترک همکاری های اقتصادی ایران و آلمان 2016-10-03 15:54

    By: Mohammad Mohsenifar

    Iran, Germany held Joint Commission on Economic Coop.

    TEHRAN, Oct. 03 (MNA) – Iran-Germany Joint Commission on Economic Cooperation was held today, in the presence of German Vice Chancellor and Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel and Iranian Minister of Economic Affairs Ali Tayebnia.

  • دیدار رئیس اتاق بازرگانی ایران با وزیر اقتصاد آلمان 2016-10-03 14:16

    Iranian, German central banks to ink MoU

    TEHRAN, Oct. 03 (MNA) – German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel has reported on the signing of an MoU between central banks of Iran and Germany.

  • دیدار رئیس اتاق بازرگانی ایران با وزیر اقتصاد آلمان 2016-10-03 13:43

    By: Maryam Kamyab

    Germany's Gabriel meets with Head of Chamber of Commerce

    TEHRAN, Oct. 03 (MNA) – Germany's Vice Chancellor and Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel and Head of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (ICCIMA) Gholam Hossein Shafei met in Tehran on Monday morning.

  • نشست خبری سخنگوی وزارتامور خارجه 2016-10-01 09:33

    FM spokesman:

    No precondition accepted in developing ties with Berlin

    TEHRAN, Oct. 01 (MNA) – Iran’s FM spokesman said Tehran-Berlin ties are based on mutual interests and respect and the Islamic Republic accepts no precondition for further development of ties with the European country.

  •  Sigmar Gabriel 2016-05-02 10:48

    German economy minister's Iran trip put off to June

    TEHRAN, May 02 (MNA) – German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel, whose trip to Tehran was canceled due to illness, is likely to reschedule the visit sometime in June, German media reported.

  •  Sigmar Gabriel 2016-04-27 15:08

    Merkel’s vice chancellor due in Tehran next week

    TEHRAN, Apr. 27 (MNA) – Vice Chancellor and Economy Min. Sigmar Gabriel will visit Iran May 2 to attend the joint economic commission's event.

  • CBI 2015-07-22 10:13

    Iran, Germany to boost banking cooperation

    TEHRAN, Jul. 22 (MNA) – Paying a visit to Central Bank of Iran, German Minister of Economic Affairs and Energy Sigmar Gabriel has called on development of Tehran-Berlin banking and financial cooperation.

  • دیدار معاون صدر اعظم آلمان با رئیس مجلس شورای اسلامی 2015-07-20 22:48

    By: Mohsen Nowruzifard

    Larijani, German official meet

    TEHRAN, Jul. 20 (MNA) – Iran’s Speaker of Parliament Ali Larijani hosted Vice Chancellor of Germany Sigmar Gabriel this afternoon.

  • دیدار معاون صدر اعظم آلمان با وزیر امور خارجه 2015-07-20 18:01

    By: Mahmoud Rahimi

    Zarif meets German vice chancellor

    TEHRAN, Jul. 20 (MNA) – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif held a meeting with German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel today.

  • دیدار معاون صدر اعظم آلمان با وزیر نیرو 2015-07-20 16:56

    Germany concerned about late removal of sanctions

    TEHRAN, Jul. 20 (MNA) – German vice chancellor while stressing the efforts of Germany to lift Iran’s financial and banking sanctions, asserted that German companies were worried of time-consuming process of removing sanctions.

  • دیدار معاون صدر اعظم آلمان با وزیر نیرو 2015-07-20 15:45

    By: Mohammad Reza Abbasi

    Iran’s energy min., German dpty. chancellor meet

    TEHRAN, Jul. 20 (MNA) – Iranian Minister of Energy Hamid Chitchian and Deputy to Chancellor of Germany Sigmar Gabriel held a meeting this morning.