Shajarian withdraws from Bam Art Garden project

TEHRAN, May 25 (MNA) -- Mohammadreza Shajarian withdrew from the construction process of the Bam Art Garden due to the problems created by the provincial officials.

In the letter submitted to the Persian service of ISNA, Shajarian explained his reasons stating that he can not tolerate all the obstacles and the incorrect decisions of the officials, “It seems that Bam provincial officials are unwilling to see me and my colleagues there.”


Shajarian initiated the project in the city after the devastating quake of December 2003. The three-story complex will have a library, an amphitheater, a small garden, and several other sections and will cover an area of 7000 square meters.


A part of the letter reads, “After the destructive quake, I personally felt the necessity to help the devastated residents of Bam. Several of my friends and I initiated the idea with the people of Bam. We believed that raising the spirit of people is of the first priority and also that art can bring life back to them.


“We consulted others and decided to construct an art garden where artistic activities, research, and education can take place.  We were well aware that such a big project would require a group endeavor and therefore we consulted the artistic and cultural community for discussion of the issue at the Iranian Artists Forum.


“The idea was also brought before the public and we asked for those who could help with the ambitious project. I still remember how our citizens from across the country tried to help and I still feel delight over this recollection.


“Our policy was to advance the project with people’s help and many including cinematic and literary figures announced their readiness.


“We were thinking of accomplishing many social and cultural activities and construction of the buildings was only the beginning. We did not intend to simply build a structure. My colleagues and I were planning to take the art and cultural potential of our society to the city of Bam.


“After the primary stages, a reliable contractor was brought in, someone who has been working with us for years on various construction projects we carried out for helping people. However, we were notified that provincial officials had replaced our contractor with another. The new contractor then proceeded with several unrelated construction works without our agreement.


“The case was followed closely here in Tehran and we discussed the issue with several officials. We reminded them several times that we are not construction in the construction business and that they should remember that our project aims to carry out cultural and artistic activities.


“Unfortunately, for reasons that we still don’t understand, our words went unheeded, and I will never understand this much insistence on the use of a contractor whom we did not know.


“For months all our energy has been spent on the problems and obstacles rather than on furthering the project, and now that provincial officials are no longer willing to see us about the project, we feel it best to withdraw.


“What led us down this path was the love we felt toward people of Bam. I still remember their pain and suffering, and I continue to remember at every time and opportunity. I told them I still stand by my words and will take action again any time it would be required.”





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