TEHRAN, Oct. 16 (MNA) -- Linguist Ali Khazaeifar has warned that Persian is gradually being swallowed up by the English language.

“Our problem will only be solved when each individual finds out that his mother tongue is in danger,” Khazaeifar, head of the English department at Ferdowsi University in Mashhad, told the Persian service of ISNA on Monday.


He stated “Persian is being gradually and deceptively eaten away by a relentless enemy named the English language.”


Khazaeifar went on to say that, “Ignorance of the Persian language must be addressed as a national problem and a solution must be found. The situation should be viewed as crucial at a national level if anything is to be achieved to overcome Iranian youths’ lack of knowledge about their native tongue. People must be informed of the problem.


“The Persian language is our national heritage. If we are fully informed as to the extent to which it is endangered, we will be able to respond more adequately to the situation.


He explained that the government cannot take complete responsibility for remedying the problem, adding, “Initiatives in this area must be started when children enter school and activities should be increased at high school level so that students become well aware of the borders of the Persian language.


“Becoming aware of the borders of the language denotes that a student knows words and meanings, proverbs and their usage. It also means that a student can make good use of his linguistic knowledge and refrain from substituting it with any foreign language.”


With reference to translations of various works into Persian, Khazaeifar suggested that publishers should not issue weak translations and that there should even be penalties for the publication of unprofessional works.


“We can create a national movement in support of the Persian language, and it must not be limited to only a few organizations. Experts must gather to discuss the dilemma and formulate and implement possible solutions,” he concluded.





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