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  • مرتضی صفاری نطنزی رئیس کمیته روابط خارجی مجلس 2017-11-12 20:59

    Iran, JCPOA to move forward, despite Trump’s efforts: MP

    TEHRAN, Nov. 12 (MNA) – Iranian MP Saffari Natanzi says that the US efforts to get Europeans along in its anti-Iran campaign has been futile so far. The legislator reassured that Europeans will stay committed to the pact.

  • مرتضی صفاری نطنزی عضو کمیسیون امنیت ملی مجلس 2017-10-17 20:18

    US domestic affairs in deep turmoil: Iranian MP

    TEHRAN, Oct. 17 (MNA) – Iranian MP Saffari Natanzi says that the US international problems have got so complicated that Trump and congress cannot form an alliance against Iran nuclear deal.

  • بهروز کمالوندی 2017-10-15 22:02

    AEOI’s spokesman Kamalvandi leaves Tehran for Moscow

    TEHRAN, Oct. 15 (MNA) – AEOI’s spokesman Behrouz Kamalvandi left Tehran for Moscow on Sunday.

  • صحن علنی مجلس 2017-10-03 15:16

    By: Majid Asgaripour

    Interior min. at Parliament to answer MPs’ questions

    TEHRAN, Oct. 03 (MNA) – Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli, the Interior Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran attended the public session of Iranian parliament on Tuesday to answer the questions posed by 8 MPs.

  • کاظم جلالی 2017-01-27 19:09

    19th general committee of IIPU held in Mali

    TEHRAN, Jan. 27 (MNA) – With contributions of three Iranian lawmakers at the 19th meeting of the general committee of the Islamic Inter-Parliamentary Union, the final statement and the agenda of the talks were passed on Thursday.

  • فلاحت پیشه 2016-07-10 19:10


    Rijab incident planned from beyond the immediate region

    TEHRAN, Jul. 10 (MNA) – Heshmatollah Falahatpisheh who has survived armed attack in Gilan Gharb, his constituency, has said the event has masterminds operating beyond the immediate local setting of the western province.

  • حشمت الله فلاحت پیشه 2016-07-10 17:04

    Parliamentarian survives armed attack

    TEHRAN, Jul. 10 (MNA) – A Principlist Parliamentarian who represents Gilan Gharb, a constituency in western province of Kermanshah, has survived an armed attack which killed his driver.