• Handicrafts in Zanjan prov.

    By: Mehdi Almasi

    Handicrafts in Zanjan prov.

    ZANJAN, Dec. 25 (MNA) – Along with other historical and natural attractions of Zanjan province, handicrafts in this province manifest the skill and idea of artists and craftsmen who have displayed the cultural identity of this land and territory in their crafts. As one of the outstanding handicrafts of this province, coppersmith is an ancient craft in this province which dates back to many years ago. Currently, copper containers are made of copper sheet using hot- and cold hammering method.

  • Tehran to host 32nd National Crafts Exhibition

    Tehran to host 32nd National Crafts Exhibition

    TEHRAN, Aug. 24 (MNA) –  The 32nd National Crafts Exhibition will open at the Tehran Permanent International Fairground on Sunday and will run until Saturday (August 25-31).