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  • امیرعبدالهیان 14 2017-09-14 16:10

    Iran’s Parliament to help resolve Myanmar crisis

    TEHRAN, Sep. 14 (MNA) -- Parliament’s General Director for International Affairs Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said parliament will make diplomatic efforts to help resolve Myanmar crisis and prevent disaster, massacre and involuntary immigration of its people.

  • نشست خبری کنفرانس بین المللی مقابله با گرد و غبار 2017-07-01 15:59

    By: Majid Asgaripour

    Intl. conf. on dust storms holds presser

    TEHRAN, Jul. 01 (MNA) – Press conference of "The International Conference on Combating Sand and Dust Storms: Challenges and Practical Solutions" was held on Saturday in attendance of Head of Iran's Department of Environment and UN representative in Tehran Gary Lewis.

  • گزارش اسوشیتدپرس از دریاچه ارومیه 2017/03/15

    By: Gary Lewis

    Lake Urmia comes back to life slowly, but surely

    TEHRAN, Mar. 15 (MNA) – Returning to the barren landscape after almost four years, I was able to see water. Not nearly enough, but much more than last time. The lake is reviving. And this revival is the result of an immensely successful collaborative effort involving many players – some Iranian, some foreign.

  • کراپ‌شده - گری لوئیس گری لوییس 2016-12-05 18:08

    FM summons UN resident coordinator

    TEHRAN, Dec. 05 (MNA) – Foreign Ministry has summoned the UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative Gary Lewis to seek his comments about his interventionist remarks.

  • گری لوییس، نماینده دفتر توسعه ملل متحد در ایران 2016-09-15 18:00

    Cinema celebrities launch ‘Together for SDGs’ campaign

    TEHRAN, Sep.15 (MNA) – ‘Together for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),’ a campaign launched in Tehran on Tuesday 13 September by renowned Iranian artists, seeks to introduce the newly-adopted SDGs to Iranian public.

  • نشست خبری توسعه پایدار 2016-09-13 16:57

    Presser on Sustainable Development Goals

    TEHRAN, Sep. 13 (MNA) – UNIC’s head Maria Dotsenko and Gary Lewis, UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative have attended a press conference along with Iranian cinema celebrities to present progress made in Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Gary Lewis 2016-08-20 11:49

    By: Gary Lewis

    We are succeeding in our path to reaching 'One Humanity'

    TEHRAN, Aug. 20 (MNA) – UN Resident Coordinator in Iran Gary Lewis, on the occasion of World Humanitarian Day (WHD), praised the world for supporting critical international agreements aimed at development and sustainable living.