Asylum Seekers

  • Bin Salman, Bin Zayed's honey moon is over

    Bin Salman, Bin Zayed's honey moon is over

    TEHRAN, Jul. 01 (MNA) – The two young Crown Prince of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, who over the past four years have had the highest share in supporting the Takfiri terrorists and undermining the security and stability of the Southwest region of Asia, have recently faced great controversy over Yemen crisis.

  • European migrant crisis

    By: Hanif Ghafari

    European migrant crisis

    TEHRAN, Dec. 26 (MNA) – European authorities' challenge over the asylum seekers crisis continues. Since the formation of the Austrian coalition government, this challenge has risen. The Austrian coalition consists of the Freedom Party and the Central Right, and this government is one of the main opponents of the current approach of the EU towards asylum seekers. Recent comments by the Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz is an indication of this profound and fundamental opposition.